15 Foods Nutritionists Refuse to Eat but You Probably Eat Every Day

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Trying to eat healthy in today’s world is certainly a challenge, isn’t it? There is a multitude of genetically modified foods, and farmed and caged animals, not to mention the additives in almost everything. So although you can try to avoid most of these pitfalls, there are a few things that nutritionists simply will not eat, even if there is no alternative.  Here is a list of the top 15 things you probably eat everyday but shouldn’t, because a nutritionist certainly wouldn’t.


1. Breakfast Cereals

Many of these come from GMO grains and are highly processed. Besides being loaded with sugar, they are high in sodium, full of preservatives, and artificial colors. Stay away from these.

Find out how to avoid GMO products.

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2. Peanut Butter

Read the label, the second ingredient is usually sugar.

Do you really need any more sugar in your diet?

There are great alternatives at your local health food stores, like all natural almond butter!

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3. Salted Nuts

Don’t laugh but salted nuts are…salted! Overly so in this case.

There is salt in almost everything you eat, so you don’t need tons more eating these.

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4. Frozen Dinners

Prepackaged or frozen dinners contain sugars, excessive amounts of salt, preservatives, and artificial colors.

You don’t need any of those things in your body.

Make something fresh from scratch or buy organic meals from a health food store.

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5. Canned Tomatoes

First, the lining in these cans contain a synthetic estrogen called bisphenol–A, which has been linked to many health problems and diseases.

Second, they are loaded with sugars and salts.

Make your own sauce fresh at home.

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6. Table Salt

The salt found on most tables is super refined, which means it has almost no nutritional value to it once it’s been processed.

Also, since almost everything you eat contains salt, adding more salt to your food is an invitation to high blood pressure.

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7. Vegetable Oils

Almost all commercial vegetable oils are highly processed and contain tons of Trans-fats, which can raise your “bad” cholesterol.

Use coconut or olive oil.

Read our guide to cooking with healthy oils.

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8. Farmed Salmon

Sounds healthy, but farmed salmon is high in mercury and even higher in other pollutants including carcinogens, antibiotics, and pesticides.

Always be sure your salmon is wild salmon.

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9. Artificial Sweeteners

Since studies show they don’t contribute to weight loss, what’s the point?

Besides, artificial sweeteners are known carcinogens that can cause many health problems.

Avoid this at all costs.

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10. Non-Organic Dairy

Regular dairy cows are pumped full of artificial hormones and antibiotics that have no place in your body.

Drink only raw or organic milk.

Or if you haven’t already, try hemp milk or almond milk.

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11. White Bread

Even breads that claim they are nutritionally reinforced or have added vitamins and minerals are still nowhere near as good as wholegrain bread.

White bread will send your glucose levels sky high, very much like candy or a soda would.

They are also full of preservatives.

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12. Rice Cakes or Rice Snacks

Rice cakes or other snacks made from rice try to tell you that they are a healthy alternative when they really aren’t.

Rice snacks, like white bread, will raise your blood glucose levels, along with your insulin levels, and convince your body to store more fat.

Rice snacks are low in nutritional value so don’t waste your time with them.

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13. Margarine

At one time we were told that butter was bad, margarine was good, but now it seems the tables have turned.

Nutritionists use to think that plant based oils were better for our bodies than animal fats, however, due to the high salt, artificial colors, and preservatives, it now seems that more natural foods are better for us after all.

Read also about foods Amercians eats but are banned in other countries.

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14. Fruit Bars or Roll Ups

There is a big difference between a piece of fresh fruit and these compressed mixtures of mashed up fruit, sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, gums, and artificial flavors!

Eat fresh fruit, not fruit flavored sugar.

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15. Processed Meats

These highly processed meats are filled with sodium nitrate, artificial colors, and preservatives.

Not to mention that the animals themselves are generally pumped full of hormones and antibiotics that you don’t need.

Eat only grass fed organic meats.