15 Powerful Beliefs That Will Free You From a Life of Negativity

It isn’t always easy to remain positive in the negative world we live in. However, one of the great things about this issue is that we have complete control over what we choose to believe. You can easily defend yourself from all sorts of negativity by simply adopting powerful beliefs that support your choice to have a positive outlook on life.

Take a look at the 15 power filled beliefs that you can turn to when you think you are in the grips of what appears to be an endlessly negative circumstance. Review them as needed.

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1. Even when things are difficult, there is so much to be grateful for

Imagine this: What if you woke up tomorrow with only the things you were grateful for today? How much would you have? All too often, we forget that our happiness doesn’t’ come from getting something we didn’t have (like that new tablet) but from the things we already have. Stress lives in places where your “I want” list is longer than your “I’m grateful for” list. Find things to be thankful for every single day.


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2. What others think about me is their problem, not mine

Don’t take other people’s negativity to heart, it’s rarely about you. When people have negative things to say, this is a reflection of them and their life, and has nothing to do with you. Remember that what others do and say, even their opinions, are entirely based on their own self-reflection.


3. Everybody has those days

Life isn’t sunshine and ice cream every day for anyone. When you recognize that not every day will be perfect, then you will see that to fully experience life’s “ups”, you will have to tolerate a few of its “downs.”


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4. I am free to be ME

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be? Stop living your life for other people and their expectations. Be true to you. You are the only person who has to live with you, so why not be the best you that you can be?


5. Life isn’t perfect, but damn, it sure is good!

Don’t focus on creating the perfect life because it doesn’t exist, no matter what those Hollywood movies try to tell you. Get up every morning and be grateful for everything you have, it’s much more than many people even dare hope for. Every day is truly is a gift.


6. Everything that happens is an important lesson

Never forget that disappointment and failure are the biggest stepping stones to success. Don’t be afraid to fail. When things don’t go as planned, learn what you can from it and keep going. Remember that good things often fall apart so better things can fall together. Read also why you will never find happiness.


7. Being wrong is the first step to being right

Sometimes making the wrong choices end up bringing us to the right places or to the right people. Never be afraid of being wrong.


8. The only thing that stays the same is change

Many people are terrified of change, yet all growth and healing requires change. Sometimes, you simply have to find the good in that goodbye and let it go.


9. Don’t hold on to what holds you back

Break those beliefs and routines that hold you back. Respect yourself to walk away from anything that doesn’t do you good or doesn’t feel right to you.


10. My happiness is a complete result of my thinking

Happiness comes from within you, not from your spouse, not from your job, not from how big your bank account is, but from within YOU. You will never have a happy, positive life if you have a crappy, negative attitude.


11. Who I spend time with matters

Don’t spend time with people who bring you down, but only those who make you feel good about yourself.


12. Drama and judgments are a waste of time

Stop the drama before it begins. Learn to love others and yourself without judging. Laugh at your own mistakes and realize that no one is perfect.


13. Most people aren’t judging you as much as you think they are

The truth is you spend more time worrying about what others are thinking of you than people really do. They have their own lives to live and they are worried about what you are thinking of them!


14. You can make the world a better place

Do you best to help everyone meet to the best of your ability. What a wonderful world this would be if everyone did this.


15. It’s all worth it

Life can be difficult at times, this is true for everyone, but the ride is surely worth the trouble.




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  1. The Positive Pin™

    Oct 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    GREAT post. Sometimes the simple things mean the most. I like what Chris Widener said “we need to be reminded more than instructed” because most of these things we already know, but it’s so helpful to see them on a daily basis. Thanks for the post.