15 Weird And Unusual Home Remedies That Really Work

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11. Soothe and Heal a Sunburn

It’s best to not get burned at all, but hey, accidents happen. When they do, break out the black tea bags. Make a pot of tea using at least 3 tea bags. You want the water to be almost black in color. Black tea contains tannins that speed recovery time, soothe the skin, and reduce peeling. This might even help that sunburn turn into a suntan. When the tea is almost black, allow it to cool completely, then use a wet a washrag with the tea and apply it to the burned area once or twice a day for the next two or three days.


12. Stop the Pain and Itching of Eczema

Although the severity of eczema can vary greatly from person to person, everyone wants to stop the itching, swelling and pain. A study published in The Europe PubMed Central showed that a topical application of evening primrose oil significantly improved the severity and symptoms of eczema. Apply 3 or 4 drops of evening primrose oil directly to the affected parts of your skin. Repeat as needed for relief. Find out more benefits of primrose oil.


13. Stop Herpes

Unfortunately, herpes is one of the most successful viruses ever. It’s estimated that as much as 40 percent of the world’s population has been infected with this incurable virus. You don’t need those synthetic meds or expensive topical ointments to stop it, all you need is some green tea. Drink a minimum of 2 cups of freshly brewed green tea each day. Green tea stops the herpes virus from replicating and reduces the severity of outbreaks. If an outbreak should occur, mix 10 drops of pure green tea extract in 2 teaspoons of coconut oil and apply directly to the lesions daily until they disappear.


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14. Stop Headaches

There is a very old fashioned pain remedy that has been used since the time of Hippocrates as an anti-inflammatory agent and natural pain reliever. Willow Bark has been so successful at stopping headaches that it was the primary element in the development of aspirin. When you start to feel the beginnings of a headache, make some willow bark tea. Or, for faster relief, take between 60 and 240 mgs of a salicin supplement.


15. Stop a Toothache

Did you ever smoke one of those clove flavored cigarettes or cigars? You might have noticed that your tongue, lips, and mouth became numb. Clove oil is still used in modern dentistry as a means of pain control. If you should develop a toothache and can’t get to a dentist right away, try applying one or two drops of clove oil directly on the tooth. This will work until you can get to your dentist. Try not to swallow the oil, however, as it can irritate your stomach.

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