16 Signs You’re a Type A

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For more than 50 years we have been using the term “Type A” to describe certain people who are, well, Type A. Sometimes that term is a compliment, other times, it’s not. Today, that term might seem a bit of an old fashioned cliché, but it’s still valid. Some people are just more driven, more focused, and, more impatient. How can you be sure if you, or someone you know, are a Type A? Check out our list of the top 16 signs that will identify a Type A personality.


1. Waiting in Lines Absolutely Kill You

If you, or someone you know, tend to freak out when they have to wait in line, they are most likely a Type A. Now we don’t mean those of us who are a bit impatient or annoyed at having to wait in a long line, after all, who loves waiting in line? Type A’s, however, tend to get really irritated if they have to wait too long because, they have things to get done, they can’t wait here all day, and don’t these people know about all the important things they simply must get done today? Type A’s tend to voice their unhappiness out loud so most likely, you’ve heard these kind of comments from someone in line before. For those of us who aren’t Type A’s, we often wonder what the fuss is about and wonder why they just don’t wait their turn like everyone else?


2. You Make Things Happen

Even though Type A’s are sometimes associated with negative qualities, (see above) they are often the people who end up accomplishing their goals, whether it be a work related project or a college degree; they find ways to make things happen. Many managers look for Type A employees because they can rest assured that their work will be accomplished, and they won’t have to do as much follow up. Type A’s are occupied with the outcome.


3. You Grind Your Teeth or Bite Your Nails

Nail biting and teeth grinding are generally considered to be nervous habits and Type A’s al seem to do this. Fidgeting, clacking teeth or clicking fingernails are all common habits of Type A’s. No one is quite sure why they have their nervous habits, other than it’s possible that they are anxious and want to get back to work.


4. You Are Sensitive to Stress

Type A’s are all high stress type of people. They seem to feel stress more intensely than others. Some of them internalize their stress, others externalize it, (meaning they take it out on others) but both forms tend to cause them health problems like heart disease and high blood pressure. Read more about herbal remedies for high blood pressure.


5. You Abhor Wasting Time

Waiting for your doctor past your appointment time? Stuck in a traffic jam? Type A’s have little patience for wasting time. You will frequently find them using their cell phone or tablet to conduct business while they are waiting but in some places where electronic devices are forbidden, you are sure to find them angry and impatient, tapping their feet and expressing their unhappiness at the situation. If you hate wasting time, you are most likely a Type A.


6. For You, Everything Work Related is Urgent

You know what we mean, it’s not that everything is needed ASAP; everything is needed YESTERDAY. There is a real sense of urgency and a true love of deadlines. If you really want to get on a Type A’s nerves, take your time with something. If you want them to love you, work at double speed.


7. You Are Very Conscientious

Ok, so you get more stressed out and anxious more than other people, but it’s only because you really care about getting the job done, right? It’s important to you that you stay on top of your life and make sure everything gets done properly and on time. Type A’s tend to be the person who remembers everyone’s birthday, orders the cake and balloons way ahead of time, and tries to be sure everyone received an invitation. See all natural foods to lessen anxiety.


8. You Rely on Your To-Do List

Type A’s absolutely love a plan of action. This is one reason they tend to reach their goals. They create a plan of action and they stick to it. For this reason, to-do lists are their best friends. They love looking at their plan and get a thrill when they see their finished items get crossed off the list one by one.

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