16 Signs You’re a Type A

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9. You’re a Pessimist

Most of the time you don’t feel fine and you just know some catastrophe is just around the corner. You worry a lot about the future and tend to think about the “worst case scenarios” and how you could best handle it should that come to fruition.


10. You Interrupt People

You don’t mean to, of course, but you do. You do care about what people are saying and you mean well, but you tend to cut people off and interrupt them because, to be honest, they are usually taking too long to make their point and you just want the conversation to go faster.


11. You Find it Difficult to Fall Asleep

Because Type A’s tend to worry about the future it can keep them up at night. Even a troubling conversation or a small problem might make your brain kick into gear and try to solve the problem the minute you lie down to sleep. See the inforgraphic with 10 tips for better sleep.


12. Others Have Difficulty Keeping Up With You

Type A’s are probably defined more by their drive and competitive nature than any other attribute. They love being on the go and getting as much done as possible every single day. So, more than likely, you will find them in a terrible rush most of the time.


13. Far More Energy goes into Your Work than Your Relationship

Type A’s love to focus on things they can measure such as promotions, grades, or certifications for things accomplished. They need cut and dried proof that they are accomplishing things. So although your personal relationships are important to you, it’s easy to spend too much of your energy on your career or school work while your personal relationships suffer.


14. Relaxing is the Hardest Thing to Do

Going on vacation? A Type A will most likely take work along with them, or at the very least, their laptop. If you really want to get a Type A person to take a vacation, you will have to make them look at relaxation as a goal in and of itself. Perhaps one of those “10 countries in 8 days” kinds of trip, to give them something to mark off on their calendars.


15. You Despise Incompetence

Some people believe that Type A’s are hostile and angry and yell a great deal but there’s a reason behind that aggression. Since Type A’s are goal oriented, others who aren’t operating on their level, or those who make mistakes, can drive them nuts and cause them to lose control. They can’t understand those who don’t see things from their perspective.


16. Perfectionist, Workaholic, Overachiever

If someone has used any of the above words to describe you, then you are more than likely a Type A personality.




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