18 Reasons Why You Should Eat Cantaloupe All Summer

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

During the hot summer months, we tend to gravitate towards frosty beverages and cold foods. Cantaloupe is a sweet and juicy melon that tastes best served ice cold. The taste is refreshing and delicious. But cantaloupe is not just a pretty face. It has so many health and beauty benefits that you might just be surprised.

When looking for a cantaloupe to dig into, make sure that it doesn’t have any soft spots and feels a little heavy. The ends of the melon need to be smooth and the skin might even be a little raised.

If you already like cantaloupes, you are going to love them when you see how good they are for you. Here are 20 health and beauty benefits you will enjoy by eating cantaloupes all summer long.


1. Helps keep LDL cholesterol under control

Cantaloupes are effective antioxidants which means they are able to get rid of free radicals. They are also able to eliminate oxidative stress which causes the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol numbers to increase.


2. Reduces your chances of getting cataracts

The beta carotene that is in cantaloupes is able to help you maintain your eyesight if it is already healthy. When the beta carotenes turn into Vitamin A, it helps to keep you from getting cataracts. They are even able to improve your vision. Researchers have found that those who regularly eat foods that are rich in vitamins have been able to lower their chance of getting cataracts by 40 percent.


3. Works as a blood thinner

Adenosine is a compound that is found in cantaloupes. It serves as a blood thinner as well as reduces the risk of forming blood clots that are abnormal.

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