18 Reasons Why You Should Eat Cantaloupe All Summer

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Photo credit: bigstock

During the hot summer months, we tend to gravitate towards frosty beverages and cold foods. Cantaloupe is a sweet and juicy melon that tastes best served ice cold. The taste is refreshing and delicious. But cantaloupe is not just a pretty face. It has so many health and beauty benefits that you might just be surprised.

When looking for a cantaloupe to dig into, make sure that it doesn’t have any soft spots and feels a little heavy. The ends of the melon need to be smooth and the skin might even be a little raised.

If you already like cantaloupes, you are going to love them when you see how good they are for you. Here are 20 health and beauty benefits you will enjoy by eating cantaloupes all summer long.


1. Helps keep LDL cholesterol under control

Cantaloupes are effective antioxidants which means they are able to get rid of free radicals. They are also able to eliminate oxidative stress which causes the LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol numbers to increase.


2. Reduces your chances of getting cataracts

The beta carotene that is in cantaloupes is able to help you maintain your eyesight if it is already healthy. When the beta carotenes turn into Vitamin A, it helps to keep you from getting cataracts. They are even able to improve your vision. Researchers have found that those who regularly eat foods that are rich in vitamins have been able to lower their chance of getting cataracts by 40 percent.


3. Works as a blood thinner

Adenosine is a compound that is found in cantaloupes. It serves as a blood thinner as well as reduces the risk of forming blood clots that are abnormal.

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4. Keeps cancer cells from growing

When left alone, free radicals go after the cells in your body and are responsible for causing cancer to grow. Cantaloupes are rich in beta carotene and vitamin C, which is an antioxidant, and they work together to eliminate the free radicals from your body.


5. Enhances your skin

There are numerous ways that cantaloupes will give you a beautiful complexion. Cantaloupes have vitamin C which is responsible for producing more collagen in your skin. The vitamin A in the melon helps to regenerate your skin. And cantaloupes have a good amount of water which will hydrate your skin.


6. Works to keep blood pressure stabilized

In addition to the vitamins that are in cantaloupes, they are also rich in potassium. This mineral cuts down on the sodium in your body and keeps your blood pressure stabilized.


7. Soothes muscle cramps

If you suffer from muscle cramps, you’ll be happy to know that the potassium in cantaloupes can help keep you from getting them in the future.

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8. Helps you sleep

Cantaloupes calm you down and reduce your stress so you can easily get some rest. They also have a B vitamin called inositol that can help get you to sleep just as well as a sleep aid but you don’t have to worry about any side effects.


9. Prevents birth defects in babies

One of the things that researchers found when studying pregnant women was that eating cantaloupe with its high level of folic acid (vitamin B9) prevented babies from developing neural tube problems.


10. Reduces the chances of diabetic nephropathy

Nephropathy in diabetics is a disease that damages the cells in the kidney. The extract of cantaloupes, called oxykine, keeps this condition from occurring. Because this melon is low in sugar and has a reduced glycemic index it is safe for diabetics to consume.

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11. Cuts down on stress

Whenever you are stressed out, instead of reaching for a pill, reach for a slice or two of cantaloupe. The melon’s potassium will bring your heartbeat back to normal and it will also provide your brain with enough oxygen to relax you and keep you focused.


12. Good for your lungs

Cantaloupe has been hailed as one of the most effective fruits that you can consume for the health of your lungs. If you eat this melon on a regular basis it will put back any of the vitamin A you may have lost by smoking or being near people who do smoke heavily.


13. Strengthens your immune system

The white blood cells in your body are recognized for keeping unknown illnesses from entering your body and infecting you. Both vitamin C and vitamin A work to build your immune system by stimulating and protecting these cells.


14. Provide relief from menstrual problems

Cantaloupes could easily give you relief from any cramps you may have when you get your monthly period. The vitamin C in the melon helps to regulate your menstrual cycle as well as reducing your flow and any clotting you may suffer from.

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15. Deals with arthritis

If you suffer from the chronic pain of arthritis you may be interested to know that cantaloupes have properties that are anti-inflammatory. This means that they are able to cut down on the oxidative stress on your bones and joints which in turn, cuts down on the inflammation.


16. Helps with digestion

Because of its fiber content, cantaloupes are able to keep your bowels regular, provides an even flow of food to your digestive tract, and will ultimately lower your chances of developing colorectal cancer.


17. Helps promote weight loss

A nice ripe cantaloupe is a wonderful food to consume if you are trying to lose weight. It is low in calories and high in fiber which means your body will digest it slower and you will stay fuller longer.


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18. Reduces hair loss

Another important vitamin that cantaloupes contain is a type of vitamin B called inositol. This vitamin not only increases the growth of your hair but it keeps you from losing the hair you already have.