18 Tips For Successful Weight Loss (The Last One Is the Wisest!)

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14. Cut down on sugar and excess carbohydrates.

You don’t have to eliminate all carbs but you should eat fruits and vegetables that are lowering in carbohydrates to increase your fat loss.


15. Allow yourself one “cheat meal” each week.

If you limit yourself to one meal each week where you can eat whatever you want you will get any cravings out of your system and do it with full control. When you are out of control you will have a harder time getting back on your program.


16. Commit yourself to portion control.

You can really eat anything you like but maintain the proper portion sizes so you don’t consume more food than you can work off. When you eat smaller portions of foods you like you will have less of a problem staying on your weight loss plan because you won’t feel deprived.


17. Join an online support group.

Look for support groups that will inspire you and who are working on the same weight loss plan as you are. You will become inspired and get some new ideas as well as support to keep going when you feel like giving up.


18. Weigh yourself once a week.

Don’t weigh yourself every day or you may feel discouraged and caught up in the regular fluid variations that occur in your body. Do weigh yourself once a week and also take your measurements. You may find that you have lost inches on weeks when you haven’t lost as many pounds as you hoped for.






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