20 Unbelievable Things Bananas Can Do For You!

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10. Curbs your cravings

When you reach for a banana in between meals, you are less likely indulge in junk food so you will cut down on your chances of binging.


11. Assists in decreasing your bad cholesterol

The Journal of Nutrition found that bananas contain phytosterols, which reduce your LDL or bad cholesterol.


12. Reduces your chances of infection

Bananas are rich in vitamin C, which has been recognized for fighting infections.


13. Helps to lean your muscles

Bananas are a good food to eat if you work out regularly. Because they are rich in magnesium, they help your muscles relax and contract and help with protein synthesis, all of which help contribute to lean muscle mass.


14. Cuts down on your chances of developing tumors

Another element that can be found in bananas is delphinidin, an antioxidant that helps reduce your risk of getting tumors. Bananas can keep them from growing and multiplying.


15. Reduces the development of macular degeneration

These fruits are full of a number of vitamins and minerals, and two of them that are particularly good for your skin and your eyes are vitamins C and A. Bananas also contain lutein, which helps cut down on your chances of getting macular degeneration.

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