2020: Will 5G Network Be Damaging?

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The 5G network is expected to be rolled out by 2020, with a five year period afterwards for it to spread across the globe. And you should be very worried. Despite the fact that it will be very pricey, for one, the 5G network is highly anticipated by most and the same ‘most’ don’t realize just how much the network could impact our health and cause a decline in well-being of life overall. The 5G network will be part of the ever-growing collection of electromagnetic radiation and waves that run throughout the world today.

Electromagnetic waves consist of visible light, radio waves, gamma rays, and X-rays. All these types of radiation are used for radios, television, telephone, and wireless signals and the fact that there are now more cell phones in the world than there are people means that there is quite a bit of this radiation floating around. These electromagnetic waves have gotten increasingly more powerful as humans look to improve the function of their devices from further distances and with less interruptions. The 5G rollout is expected to add at least 300,000 new cell towers to the current network as the new network is going to need them to be able to run at the much-anticipated 10X faster speeds than 4G.

Electromagnetic waves didn’t start becoming a nuisance to society until recently, when the increased use of wireless devices has become very popular and convenient. Humans didn’t have to contend with electromagnetic waves 100 years ago and, unfortunately, the evidence is starting to pile up that their lack was a good thing. Although the electromagnetic spectrum was discovered long ago and has been used for microwaves and radios as well as the wireless devices we all use now, their increased use has led to some studies concluding that we need to weary of their use and limit their use of it.


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Studies on Wireless Signals

The study of electromagnetic waves and their impact on human health has become a field of study all on its own already – there are many researchers and experts in the field that have been advocating for caution with wireless signals for years. Many of those experts have run studies and tried to get the word out about the dangers of EMF. One such expert, Dr. Russel Reiter, has conducted multiple studies on the effect EMF radiation has on human’s melatonin production, the chemical that helps us sleep at night. He found that EMFs reduce the production of melatonin as well as if you were trying to sleep with a full light on all night.

Dr. Martin Blank, from the University of Colombia, along with a group of scientists from around the world are making appeals to the United Nations for them to take into consideration the dangers of electromagnetic waves. These petitions have been going on for a while now and even the WHO and the American government has been petitioned regarding EMF dangers by groups of scientists and technology health advocates.

Studies have also been done on how EMF affects small children, the elderly, and particularly those still in the womb that are growing rapidly and developing within a short amount of time. Tests showed that DNA damage in the brain was present when rats were exposed to any kind of electromagnetic fields or radiofrequency. Damage to the pineal gland, adrenal gland, and thyroid gland were also observed in separate studies when long-term EMFs were involved. Another prominent Russian researcher, Valentina Nikitina, found that exposure to EMF over time leads to premature aging due to sleep disorders.


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How To Protect Yourself

With the extent of the technology in use today, it may seem impossible to get away from electromagnetic waves and their reach. There are a few ways that you can still protect yourself from EMFs though, even though you will only limit your exposure and will likely never get rid of it entirely. Humans are now too dependent on wireless technology for it to be done away with completely. To limit your exposure, try turning off your own WiFi at night in your home so that there are less free-flowing EMFs.

Another way is to completely get rid of the wireless signals and convert your home into a wired design that isn’t using as much EMF waves. More extreme measure involve looking into Faraday cages for your home or bedroom, using crystals or stones that mitigate the effects of the radiation and completely turning off your electricity when it is not in use (such as at night in certain areas of your home). There are many anti-radiation devices on the market as well, but the science is still out on whether they help to limit radiation or just hinder the device it is attached to.


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Some countries have started implementing limits on WiFi and other such devices, in particular, France. They have already passed laws banning WiFi from nursery schools and elementary schools as well as in municipal buildings and some libraries. Advertising towards young children that has to do with cell phones is also strictly limited in France and advertisers must actually recommend headsets to limit the exposure to radiation. Other countries that have implemented restrictions include Belgium, Spain, Israel, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, India, Finland, and a few more. Hopefully more countries will follow suit and start to think more about the health of their people and less of their capitol.

There is such a large amount of EMF radiation floating through the air these days and everyone is impacted in one way or another. Although there are many studies on the way that EMF radiation affects humans’ DNA, hormone production, and overall health there still have not been any widespread limits of the use of EMF radiation. Although there are a few ways to protect yourself, there is still no way to completely get rid of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Hopefully, the future will bring about a better way to both use technology and take care of our health at the same time.