5 Vegan Friendly Cuisines Around The World

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2. Moroccan

As with Thailand, Morocco is a gastronomical adventure waiting to be explored and is absolutely bursting with vegan options in its selection of dishes. The most popular one of them all, hummus, is probably up there on every vegan’s top 10 favourite foods…and it is always plant-based!

Packed full of chickpeas, aubergines, lentils and beans, Moroccan and other types of Middle Eastern cuisine are also full of lean protein, meaning creating or finding a healthy, balanced vegan dish from this part is a piece of, well, cake!


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One Comment

  1. Horseman

    Jan 2, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    Get real. Many of these dishes need a broth (especially Pad Thai) and I’ve never tasted a veggie broth worth a damn.