6 Unexpected Things Sleeping With A Weighted Blanket Can Do For You!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

5. A feeling of happiness

When you are in a good mood, your brain is probably producing enough serotonin which is the hormone that makes us happy. It is transmitted to the brain as well as to your nervous system calming your entire body and resulting in a sense of contentment and relaxation. The weighted blanket is able to increase your serotonin levels and help keep your moods even, calm, and happy.


6. Relief for those suffering from various forms of Autism

The effects of the weighted blanket have made great strides in helping children and adults with several development disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s, and Rhett Syndrome. Those who live with these conditions have trouble expressing themselves and tend to become frustrated and sometimes aggressive as a result. Therapists have learned how to drape a weighted blanket over the shoulders of their patients providing an almost instant calming effect.

The premise of a weighted blanket is a simple one but the results are far-reaching. From insomnia to depression, from anxiety to autism, the deep pressure touch simulation that these blankets provide goes a long way to giving patients a sense of calmness and security as well as a period of relief so they can better deal with their specific conditions. Having access to this powerful tool also brings a sense of comfort knowing that help is right at their fingertips.


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You can check out your local medical supply store to see if they carry weighted blankets or you can check out the Internet. There are online links that feature an assortment of weighted blankets in a variety of materials from fleece to chenille. Look for a company that has experience in this field and knows the importance of proper weight distribution. Most will tell you how to determine the right weight blanket for your needs.



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