6 Ways To Prevent Swelling In The Feet And Legs

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4. Take a magnesium supplement

A magnesium deficiency is one of the things that can contribute to fluid retention in the lower limbs, so making sure you have the proper levels of this key mineral in your body is essential in preventing and treating it. Be sure to talk to your doctor first about the correct supplement dosage for you, particularly if you are pregnant, as they are available in varying amounts.


5. Drink plenty of water

Excess salt and dehydration are two other principle causes of edema and staying adequately hydrated actually flushes the excess salt from your system, so effectively killing two birds with one stone! Stick to the recommended 8-10 glasses a day rule and you’re definitely on track. For added benefit, try adding lemon and/or cucumber to water. These both contain huge anti-inflammatory properties to further help your body to restore balance once again.


6. Have a massage

A massage is not only an indulgent, blissful treatment, but it’s also excellent for promoting circulation within the body. The masseuses’ strokes encourage blood and fluids in the body to, well, get moving as they should! Be sure to let the therapist know that this is the area that you’d like to be targeting for maximum results.


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Employing a combination of these remedies is an excellent way to banish fluid retention symptoms in the legs, ankles, and feet and to get things circulating properly again reliving tension, pressure, and pain. The best part is that they’re all easy, accessible, and effective and your body will most definitely thank you!




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