7 Dangerous Fitness Myths Debunked Here

Group of people running on treadmills

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It’s an easy thing to do. You hear advice about an exercise from your high school gym teacher and you pass it on to others.

Your personal trainer tells you something during your gym routine that you think must be true and you pass it on to the girls in the office. Trying to dispel rumors and myths in the world of fitness has proved to be difficult.

Myths and almost truths are everywhere and some of them are actually dangerous to your health! Here we debunk the 7 most popular and dangerous fitness myths around.


Myth Number 1 – Running on a treadmill is safer than running on the streets.

Although running or jogging is a great workout, it does have tremendous impact on your knees. It’s the stress of your body’s weight on your knees that is the problem and that won’t change if it’s the treadmill or the pavement.

The best way to reduce stress on the knees is to vary your workout.

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