8 Things You Should NEVER EVER Touch At A Restaurant

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

5. Condiments

All those tableside condiment containers such as mustard, ketchup, soy sauce, pancake syrup, and even the salt and pepper shakers, often get refilled but are never, ever washed. Sometimes they don’t even get wiped off, but perhaps that is a good thing. You can either use one of your antibacterial wipes on the outside of them, or pick them up with a napkin.


6. The Tray

If you are eating at a restaurant that serves your food on a tray, don’t touch that either. Like menus, they are either wiped down with that rag or they don’t clean them at all. Many fast food places simply put those paper place mats down on them. Those are thrown out, then the tray is either returned to its place to be used again or it is wiped down, then returned to be used. Use hand sanitizer once you sit down and don’t touch the tray again until you are ready to leave. Also, don’t ever put your food or French fries directly on the tray.


7. The Ice in Your Drink

If you are drinking a cold drink, you should know that those restaurant ice makers are almost never cleaned out. Many restaurants only clean them out when they break down! This means that every employee who uses it can add to the contamination. Ask for your drink without ice. They are usually cold anyway. Your stomach will thank you!


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8. The Lemon or Lime Slices in Your Drink

Even if you don’t ask for it, many restaurants add lemon slices to their water and lemon or lime slices to mixed drinks. You might want to start asking them to skip this practice when you realize that one 2007 study found that almost 70 percent off lemon slices tested had some type of microbial growth. Some were on the rind, and others were on the flesh of the fruit. How does this happen? Because lemons are cut and then handled by numerous people in the restaurant, which increases the chance that your lemon slice will be contaminated with some pretty nasty germs. If you can remember, ask your waitress or waiter to serve you your drink without fruit slices.




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  1. Rev. Right

    Mar 7, 2016 at 8:13 am

    This is why I haven’t eaten in a fast food joint or restaurant for years,I only eat at home or family member’s homes,it’s healthier and also saves you a lot of money, as all fast food is overpriced and unhealthy.