Amazing Uses Of Green Tea In Skincare

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Green tea has been around for many centuries and most of the world’s population is aware of it and its health benefits when drunk. But most don’t know that green tea can also be super amazing for your skin as well. There are so many ways to incorporate green tea into a skincare routine and it is also very affordable to do so.

Using green tea in skincare routines can be as easy as creating some DIY recipes at home, the more economical way, or finding products in store that include green tea in their ingredients. There are many such products on the market and new ones constantly being released. So, if one doesn’t find a product to love now, there might be something in a few months. Green tea is beneficial to the skin because it helps to make it skin glow, be better hydrated, and can even help to fade scars or even out tone.

There are two ways to use green tea in most DIY recipes or as ingredients in a product. Green tea can either be used in the traditional way – steeping green tea leaves in water and using the finished result – or by using matcha, which is green tea leaves that have been finely ground into powder. Green tea is more commonly used in products that are water based or in liquid form and matcha is used mainly in face masks and thick products.

For every DIY green tea skincare project below, there are at least ten products on the market that can be bought. The upside to buying a product is that there’s not time spent to make it and there’s no worry about getting it right. The downside is that many products contain extra fillers and ingredients that can be harmful to skin as well as usually containing preservatives to keep their product on the shelf longer – and preservatives are not something generally good to place on the skin. Read on for a list of DIY green tea skincare recipes that can be used with confidence and to get radiant skin.


1. Green Tea Steam Facial

This skincare ritual is not as commonly used in routines, but it can be very helpful for those that have tight pores or a lot of clogging in their pores. The facial consists of brewing a cup of green tea and basically holding the face over it to let the steam permeate the skin. Make sure to use a wide mug or even a bowl so that the steam is not concentrated on one area of the face. Also, this should always be done when the face is makeup free but can be done before or after cleaning the face in the morning. Once the steam dissipates, rinse the face with lukewarm water and pat it down with a clean face cloth.


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2. Green Tea Toner

Toner seems to be a love or hate thing in the skincare industry – most people either use it religiously or don’t use it at all. Toner is not a necessary step in the skincare routine, but it has a few benefits that some might want to take advantage of. This green tea toner will essentially make the skin feel refreshed and improve the appearance of it in a short time. Brew a cup or two of green tea and let it cool off before adding a few drops of essential oil (some good ones are tea tree, lavender, carrot seed, frankincense, and geranium) and storing it in a glass container in the fridge. Cold toner will work better for the skin than a room temperature one.

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3. Green Tea Face Mask

This is one skincare product that can be made either with matcha powder or green tea itself. If deciding to use the green tea, brew two bags then take the bags and open them, dumping the contents in a bowl. Mix with equal parts of baking soda to create the face mask. This can be stored in a container and when ready to use, add a teaspoon of honey, for moisture, and spread it evenly on the face.

If a finer face mask is desired, one can use matcha powder instead – simply mix one teaspoon of matcha powder with one teaspoon of honey. This creates a thin, smooth mixture that is easy to spread on the face. Leave this mix on the face for 10-15 minutes then wash off with a cloth.


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4. Green Tea Scrub

Scrubs are good for removing layers of dead skin cells and keeping pores unclogged, keeping acne at bay. This green tea scrub is appropriate for use on both face and body as it is gentle enough for the face while also being a good body scrub. Simply adding a few tablespoons of granulated sugar to a cup of cooled green tea until it becomes thick will result in a wonderful scrub. For even more benefits, consider adding honey, essential oils, or other ingredients to the scrub. To use, rub on the body and face then rinse off. Store in the fridge for optimal freshness.

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5. Green Tea Eye Treatments

Green tea is particularly helpful in dealing with puffy eyes and dark circles. The simplest way to use green tea for the eyes is to brew two bags of green tea then let the bags cool off or placing them in the fridge to get cold. Once cold, apply the bags to closed eyes, one to each eye, and let them sit for about 30 minutes while relaxing. A cream can also be made with green tea to help deal with dark circles. There are many recipes online for green tea eye creams, but most of them basically include some kind of carrier oil, such as almond oil, green tea leaves, a moisturizing butter (coconut or shea), and some beeswax to help thicken the mixture. Combining these ingredients and utilizing the cream every night or morning can help minimize the appearance of under-eye circles.

All of the above green tea skincare treatments are budget-friendly and a snap to whip up. Green tea products can also be found in store but usually for a much higher price and with many unnecessary ingredients. Green tea has many benefits for the skin, so create one of the above recipes and start finding just how much green tea can help.