Are There Dangers Lurking in Your Spice Rack?

Close-up Of Baking Soda In A Glass Jar.

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Now what about those other items you keep in your pantry? You know, the ones you don’t think about until you take them out one day and think “Didn’t I buy this when a republican was in the White House? “ You can check them out on this list.

    • Baking Soda – There is a date stamped on the bottom of the box but Arm and Hammer says that regardless of the date, 3 years is about all you can expect it to last. Baking soda loses its power over time. Find out why baking oda is a natural cleaner.
    • Baking Powder – That’s the stuff you use to make those baked goods rise and gives them their fluffy texture. It’s got a much shorter lifespan, only about 1 year, max. The “use by” date should be on the bottom of the can.
    • Brown Sugar – Once opened, try to use within 2 years. Just because it’s gotten hard as a rock does not mean it’s bad, it’s simply gotten exposed to moisture. Soften it in the microwave and it’s good to go.
    • Powdered Sugar – Same as brown sugar, try to use it within 2 years.

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