Avoid These Common Juicing Mistakes

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Mistake №3: Using Juice as a Meal Replacement

Nobody considers a glass of store-bought juice a meal, so why do people make this mistake with juice they prepare themselves? Juice is just that – juice. It’s a drink, not a meal. Do not use freshly made juice, no matter how healthy, as a replacement for your breakfast or lunch. It may be packed with nutrients, but it does not have enough calories to keep you full.

If you really want to prepare a light meal replacement, a blended beverage might fit the bill. Blenders don’t actually extract the juice from the fruits and vegetables, but rather grinds them up, fiber and all, producing a shake that is much thicker and includes all the calories that the juicing process removes. This will fill you up more than juice.


Mistake №4: Letting the Juice Sit Around for Too Long 

The longer juice sits out in the glass or even stored in the fridge, the more it becomes oxidized, and the more the nutritional value of the drink becomes counteracted by this process. It is best to drink juice within 20 minutes of preparing it. If you are making a large batch, store it in an airtight container, leaving as little room at the top as possible, and keep it in the fridge or cooler. Try to finish that batch within 24-36 hours. (Freezing juice is an option if you need to store it longer).


Mistake №5: Drinking It on a Full Stomach

Juice is absorbed much faster on an empty stomach. Try drinking some first thing about an hour before breakfast and you’ll get an immediate boost in energy.

If you wait till after eating to drink your juice, you will not feel the effect so much, since your body is busy digesting the food already in your stomach. A good policy is to drink juice about 20 minutes before a meal, or at least 2 hours after eating.


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Try these juice-hacking tips out today and get more benefits from this delicious and life-changing practice. Happy juicing!


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