Better Living With Bergamot Oil

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Should I Take Precautions When Using Bergamot?

Bergamot oil is all-natural and organic, but you should still talk to your doctor or health care provider before changing any of your medications. That is just good common sense. You may also want to consider an alternative if you are pregnant, since the side effects are not well known with regard to the effect of bergamot on pregnant mothers.

If you have some vitamin deficiencies, you may want to avoid taking bergamot oil by mouth. Bergamot can deplete some vitamins further and cause problems if you have an existing condition.

If you use bergamot oil in a cosmetic or cream, be aware that it can cause your skin to become sensitive to the sun. You may have a severe reaction if paired with some pharmaceuticals, too. Talk to your doctor to make sure there are no drug interactions with bergamot oil.

The most common side effect of bergamot oil is the sensitivity to light and sun exposure. Take normal precautions when going out into the sun, and you should be okay. When in doubt, keep your skin covered by wearing long sleeves, or wear a hat for more protection.

If you’re not used to essential oils, bergamot oil may cause skin irritation. When you first begin to apply the oil, use a small amount, and limit the application to just one spot on your body. Give the oil some time to absorb and observe if you have an adverse reaction. If nothing happens, you are safe to apply the rest of the oil or cream containing bergamot oil. If you have a reaction, stop using the product immediately.


Getting the Most Out of Essential Oils

Essential oils have made a place in history for their healing and homeopathic abilities.


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Bergamot oil is no different. There is a wealth of health benefits to using bergamot oil in your daily life. Be sure to research all the practical uses, and who knows — you may even come up with some new ones that are all your own.


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