Can Coconut Oil Save You from Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimers Concept.

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The current health and nutritional guidelines that most people are following have contributed to the current rise in obesity, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. The low fat craze, which is thought to prevent heart disease, not only encourages heart disease, but diseases of the brain as well, including Alzheimer’s. Another factor is the development and increased consumption of GM foods, which are prevalent in almost all processed and prepackaged foods. There seems to be endless amounts of money to develop new strains of toxic GM foods, but no money for research into treatments.

If you should decide to add coconut oil to your diet, for best results look for organic, cold pressed, non-hydrogenated, virgin coconut oil. Are you concerned about adding more “oil” to your diet? Don’t be. Coconut oil has no trans-fats or cholesterol and is healthy for your heart, unlike most other hydrogenated vegetable oils on the market today. Read more about coconut oil benefits.

There will need to be more research after Dr. Newport’s study has concluded, but there is no reason why you can’t start a program of consuming coconut oil each day. This oil has so many profound health benefits; you simply can’t go wrong by adding some to your diet.



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