Check Out Which Top Foods Are Sprayed With Roundup Just Days Before You Buy Them

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If you think that organic produce is a waste of money, you might be consuming a huge amount of toxins — probably many more than you realize.

As if it were not bad enough that most crops are being sprayed with layer after layer of the disease-causing herbicide Roundup, Monsanto’s pre-harvest spraying guide states that farmers should spray all crops heavily three days prior to harvest. They aren’t referring to only GMO crops; they are talking about all crops on which Roundup is being used. This means that if you are not eating organic, you are eating foods that were literally drenched in Roundup just a few days before reaching market.

Monsanto’s spraying guide tells farmers to spray Roundup herbicide to allow uniform crop maturity.

Why are they doing this? The intention is to dry out the crops for earlier harvesting. In fact, Monsanto International published a paper in 2010 stating that an application of Roundup will kill and dry out the crops in advance, produce a more uniform looking product, and allow for earlier harvesting.

Uneven maturity levels and green tissue delay overall harvesting times. Spraying Roundup turns all foliage and stems brown. Harvest management is important as earlier harvest often means a higher price. Also, when foods have been pre-dried in the fields, there is less money and time spent on drying them further in storage. By pushing the harvest date forward, growers can either plant a second time during the season, or they can meet optimum planting dates for other crops, maximizing their profits.

Since Roundup is being applied to fully grown food plants, much higher quantities must be used in order to kill and dry them — much, much more than what would normally be applied to simply kill weeds.

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Applying Roundup this close to harvest means that the plants do not have time to metabolize this killer herbicide, nor is there usually time for the rain to wash off and dilute this poison. Roundup is simply dumped in huge quantities on the plants to dry them out, and then they are quickly harvested, still reeking of glyphosate.

Which foods are being subjected to this overload of Roundup just before you buy them?

  • Barley
  • Beans
  • Flax
  • Lentils
  • Non-GMO canola
  • Non-GMO soybeans
  • Oats
  • Peas
  • Sugar cane
  • Wheat

This means that just about everything in your grocery store is made using these crops! There really isn’t much that doesn’t use oats, soy, wheat, or sugar cane!


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It’s not that other conventional foods are safe anyway. Most non-organic foods are sprayed regularly throughout the growing season. In fact, some pesticides are genetically implanted right into the food itself, such as in the case of GM corn. This means that you get a dose of these chemicals — not just once, but three times or more as the crops are routinely sprayed.

Just say NO to conventional produce and GMO foodstuffs. Perhaps if we can get enough Americans to stop buying these products, Monsanto will lose so much money they will stop pushing their poisons on the American people.