Colloidal Silver the Antibacterial Antifungal Antiviral Miracle

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Silver doesn’t work against one pathogen specifically, but it works against the life cycles of all pathogens, and therefore, is effective at preventing all illnesses, even against future mutations.

Colloidal silver is stated to be a treatment for HIV and AIDS. Now these claims have never been recognized by the modern medical community but you can’t deny the lengthy survival rates of AIDS patients who have been taking colloidal silver.

In the same way that silver stops the replication of pathogens, it also stops the body from developing cancer. Cancerous tumors grow when the internal regulators of your body’s cells stop working properly. Cells then divide at such a fast speed as to outstrip need. Colloidal silver resets or recalibrates the cells natural rate of division. Read also about vitamin C injections to treat cancer.

When silver is used as a wide ranging viral or bacterial preventative, it sometimes ends up curing unrelated or other unknown health problems. Those with severe burns use colloidal silver to promote healthy cell growth while fighting infections. It also helps the digestive system to stop the fermentation of food in the stomach or intestines, thus relieving reflux, indigestion, gas, gas pain, and bloating. Also colloidal silver makes it impossible for parasites to flourish within the body or to lay their eggs.

Even with all these positive things to consider, the medical community is still basically ignoring silver. Technically speaking, it’s true that the body has no “need” for silver. There is one side effect, however. It’s a condition called argyria, when the skin and eyes take on a bluish/grey tinge to them. This doesn’t affect their health in any way and this only happens when someone goes a little overboard and ingests too much colloidal silver.

Most people have their own ways of taking silver. People who suffer from conjunctivitis will place two or three drops directly into their eyes. Those with throat conditions will commonly gargle with it. For most people, they simply mix three or four drops in a large glass of water and drink that daily. In order to prevent that blue skin, never take more than one ounce per day and be sure you are taking colloidal or ionic silver and NOT silver nitrate.

With all the talk about possible pandemics or pandemics that could be released unintentionally, it might be a good idea to look into high quality colloidal or ionic silver today and keep a supply on hand.


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