Common, Everyday Habits that Ruin Your Liver

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2. Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

We aren’t referring to recreational drug abuse here, although that certainly does damage the liver, but rather the abuse of over the counter or prescription medications. Your liver’s job is to break down toxins in the body, and many pharmaceuticals are considered to be toxins by your liver. These substances are extremely difficult for your liver to break down into harmless substances. The damage from taking these types of medications range from mild liver problems to complete liver dysfunction. Taken in excessive amounts, even some herbs and vitamins can cause liver damage. Vitamin A is a perfect example, as taking too much vitamin A in a single day can literally be toxic to your liver.

One of the most commonly consumed medications that causes serious liver damage is acetaminophen, more commonly known as Tylenol. This is available without a prescription and is found in many cold and flu medications, especially those made for children. This compound is believed to be safe, but if taken for more than a day or two, or in high doses, or in one extremely large dose, it can cause serious liver damage. Consider taking some natural remedies for cold, flu, fever, and pain issues instead of liver damaging pharmaceuticals.

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