How Fluoridate Water Ruins Your Arteries


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Perhaps one of the major ways that heart disease is being promoted in America today is the chemical that the government is putting in municipal water supplies on purpose. This has been going on for decades, with the notion that adding it to drinking water will prevent tooth decay. But a new study, published in the journal Toxicology, shows that fluoride has toxic effects to the heart and the arteries which provide blood to the heart.

The University of Zaragoza in Spain studied the effects of fluoride in drinking water and the progression of vascular calcification in kidney disease. The scientists used actual, real-world concentrations of fluoride, the same as the recommendations given out by the World Health Organization, which is 1.5mg per liter of water. This was given to rats through their water supply in the same way humans would consume it.

After just 5 days these rats, all of which had CKD (chronic kidney disease), had calcification of their aortic muscle cells. The declines in their kidney function were also apparent, due to the nephrotoxicity of this unnecessary water additive.

A previous study showed that as much as 90 percent of consumed fluoride is absorbed in the intestines and then distributed to the soft tissues all throughout the body, as well as the blood plasma. At the doses that are recommended by the World Health Organization, fluoride can accumulate in the body and remain there for years. Find out 10 shocking places where you will never expect to find fluoride.

Those who suffer from chronic kidney disease have a much harder time clearing fluoride from the body, which shows in the increased levels of fluoride in blood plasma, especially as the exposure levels or time continues.

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