Food Labels Trick You into Eating GMO Food

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Keep reading for some other top tips you can use to spot GMOs and avoid them.


1. The Ingredient List

If the ingredient list on your package says anything about corn or soy and it doesn’t have the Certified Organic or Non-GMO Project seal, which means it contains GMO corn and/or soy. This also holds true for canola, sugar beets, and cottonseed oil.


2. Oil and Sugar

Canola oil and sugar also come from GMO crops. Although you are better off without these kinds of foods in your diet at all, should you choose to consume them, look for labels that say ‘100 percent pure cane sugar’ or the Non-GMO Project seal on the label.


3. Prepackaged Food

This is another item that you would be wise to avoid eating as they cause many serious health concerns, but again, if you choose to consume them, you should know that there is really no way to avoid GMO contamination, artificial ingredients, artificial colors, salt, sugar or artificial sweeteners, and tons of chemical preservatives. The further away you stay from foods that come in a box, the better. Opt for whole, truly natural foods.

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One Comment

  1. robber2112

    Feb 16, 2015 at 5:20 pm

    ALL GMO foods should be labeled as such. not printing this on food labels, just goes to prove they are not good to eat. Death to you Monsanto for polluting our food….