Guide To Benefits Of Bone Broth

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Every day there is something new that we need to add to our diets in order to stay healthy. There is kale, nuts, pomegranates, and prickly fruit. However, there is one item that should be added to your diet, but it is not new. It has been around for ages but seemed to get lost in the discoveries of medicines and supplements that are easy to take and work fast. Bone broth has been around since the beginning of time and is able to treat just about everything that is wrong with you.

Bone broth is a mixture that is easy to make and brimming with vitamins and components that easily affect every part of your body. In general, it can improve your overall health, improve your outlook, and basically make you stronger.

How do you make bone broth? You may have to go to a specialty ethnic market and buy an array of bones. Any kind will do. Put it into a large pot with plenty of vegetables you have on hand and enough water to cover everything. This soup has to cook for up to 48 hours on low. As it simmers, the health benefits get to mix and mingle, and you will end up with a delicious broth that will begin working from the first spoonful.

All you have to do is prepare yourself a bowl of bone broth and drink it as you would any other vegetable broth-based soup. You may want to season it a little to suit your taste, but it is the combination of healthy products that create a magical mixture. Here are some of the benefits you can look forward to when you add bone broth to your regular routine.


1. It can help with your joints

If you have taken glucosamine for your aching joints, you will be glad to know that bone broth is filled with natural glucosamine. In addition, it has other components that help your joints become pain-free. Bone broth also contains chondroitin, another supplement that is able to keep osteoarthritis at bay.


2. Protect your immune system

Our grandparents knew the value of hot soup to treat whatever ails us, and bone broth is no different. The amino acids, such as glutamine, cysteine, and arginine, found in bone broth have been proven to help people who suffered from any autoimmune issues. Some found instant relief while others went into total remission.

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3. You’ll get more energy

While there have not been any clinical trials to prove this point, just about everyone who consumes this bone broth acknowledges the shift in energy they feel right away.


4. Enjoy stronger bones

Building strong bones is always important, but it becomes more important as we age. Sipping on this healthy broth will feed your bones the magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus that will strengthen and preserve your bones as they get stronger.


5. It makes good use of your leftovers

Just as any good chicken soup is filled with whatever you can find leftover in your refrigerator, bone broth puts good use of the vegetables, herbs, and spices, as well as the nutrient rich bone marrow left over in your fridge. It will cost virtually nothing to prepare, but it will be worth its weight in gold when taken as a healthy addition to your diet.


6. You will be able to sleep better

There are more than enough products on the market promising to help you fall asleep. Bone broth is a natural product that consists of glycine, which has a neurotransmitter that reduces anxiety, provides you with a general calm feeling, and makes it easier to get a good night’s sleep.


7. Helps with leaky gut syndrome

There are many things that contribute to a leaky gut syndrome. When the junctions of your gut area, which are usually nice and tight, begin to separate, the lining ends up with holes. This causes your body to take back the waste and harmful items that are supposed to be passed through your stool. Your body then ends up with an immune system that has been compromised, which can wreak havoc with the foods you eat and sometimes leave you with an autoimmune system disorder. When you give your body the glutamine that is found in bone broth, your stomach lining begins to repair itself.

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8. It’s the fountain of youth

One of the most prominent ingredients that can be found in anti-aging products is collagen. Most of the time this product is applied topically to smooth out skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Drinking bone broth will supply your body with collagen from the inside, so it can help treat your hair, nails, and skin from within.


9. It cures the common cold and alleviates bronchitis

One of the simplest diseases that we still suffer from is the common cold. A study conducted in 2000 found that there was definite proof that a substance such as chicken soup (also a form of bone broth) was able to help eliminate the effects of the cold by eliminating the mucus, expanding the respiratory pathways, and giving the cold sufferer enough nutrition to fight off the cold.


10. Helps with weight loss

If you want an easy way to start dropping the pounds, start drinking a cup of bone broth before dinner. You will not only be filled up, but your body will be receiving so many minerals and vitamins that will improve your overall health.


11. Reduces inflammation

Bone broth is filled with amino acids that are responsible for eliminating inflammation. The important components of bone broth include histidine, glycine, and cystine. L-glutamine is also an ingredient that helps to cut down on the inflammation of the gut.


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12. Helps to detoxify the liver and aids in the health of the kidneys

It has been found that the minerals and vitamins that are in bone broth are responsible for protecting the body from any toxins it may come by, such as lead. The glycine that is produced helps to improve the recovery from a fatty liver that is caused by too much alcohol.