Heal and Prevent Cancer by Consuming Organic Foods

Organic Market Fruits And Vegetables

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More and more, people all around the world are waking up to the fact that we are being poisoned through our food by companies who only care about profit. Many people today want to maintain a healthy body by eating what Mother Nature intended us to eat: natural fruits, vegetables, and other foods high in nutrition without poisons!

Did you know that you can literally prevent most cancers and even heal some types of cancer by eating natural, organic foods? It’s true!

By now you have probably read articles about why we don’t have a cure for cancer; it’s all due to profits. Imagine how many companies, doctors, and others in the cancer industry would be out of a job if the truth were to really be exposed? That we can heal ourselves, or prevent cancer entirely, by simply eating organic foods and living a healthier lifestyle? Billions of dollars are at stake here, so the truth about cancer is either ignored completely, hidden away, or openly ridiculed.

No one ever wants to consume toxic pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and the like, not even the people who own these companies are willing to do so. These deadly chemicals have been proven over and over again to be harmful to the body, to cause cancer and other diseases, as well as encourage cancer to spread more quickly.

Actually, this isn’t anything new. Dr. Max Gerson back in 1920 began instructing his cancer patients to consume nothing but organic fruits and vegetables. Interest in organic farming methods really came to life in the 1960’s, when people began to really become aware of what was being put on our foods when it came to light that some very popular pesticides, such as DDT, were not only toxic to humans, but to fish, animals, and birds as well. Third-party organic certification was first begun in the early 1970’s. Then in the 1980’s, consumers, growers, and others in the agricultural industry began pushing for more stringent, government defined organic labels.

Every generation, it seems, needs to play catch up to the last. New chemicals appear and companies come up with ever more clever marketing ploys to convince this generation that their products, and the foods they are used on, are safe. It might be a slow process, but now, thanks to the Internet and social media, news about these companies, the dangers of their products, and organized efforts about how we can stop them, spread faster than ever before.

In 202, the USDA finally put together a description of “organic,” as well an inspection program, which was the world’s most stringent at the time. According to the Organic Trade Association’s 2006 survey, the organic industry in the US alone grew more than 17 percent in 205 and the same of non-food organic products increased by a whopping 32.5 percent!

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