Healthy Natural Items To Include In Your First Aid Kit

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    Antibiotics and Pain Relief

        • Goldenseal – this antibiotic and antibacterial potion can be put on cuts to keep them from becoming infected.
        • Vitamin C – this supplement is great if you feel a cold coming on. You can take it every couple of hours until you start feeling better.
        • Arnica – this crème is used topically to relieve any kind of bruises, injuries, or muscle pains. Don’t apply it to an open cut, but when used on bruises you will find that it will start delivering relief right away.

    Herbs and Supplements

        • Echinacea – this supplement is both an antibiotic and acts as an antibacterial.
        • Ginger – keep this handy in case someone comes down with a tummy ache. Either bring a small bottle of ginger ale or carry a ginger tea bag with you.
        • Clove Oil – this amazing product can help to ease any pain you have from a tooth gone bad. It will actually numb the area and it is safe to reapply.
        • Neem – keep this on hand to use as an insect repellant. It can also help to take care of any irritations to the skin.
        • Licorice Tea – this or just about any other tea will help to relieve a sore throat.

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