Healthy Natural Items To Include In Your First Aid Kit

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    Extra Stuff

        • Probiotics – many people don’t leave home without their probiotics anyway, so why not add one to your first aid kit? It is good to have around in case someone has a problem with diarrhea.
        • Vitamin D – just 50,000 units taken every day for three days will help get rid of your cold or flu right away.
        • Cayenne powder – this item also comes in a capsule form and is great for stopping any type of sudden bleeding.
        • Epsom salt – this product is best used as a soak to ease sore muscles. It can also use it to take out a splinter.
        • Baking soda – this product has hundreds of uses but in a first aid kit it will come in handy if anyone ends up with a spider bit. Take a small amount and make a paste with a little water; apply it directly to the spider bite.


    Unique Items You Might Want to Try

        • Lavender Oil – this stress reliever can help to get rid of a headache when dabbed on the temples of your face and on your wrists.
        • Activated charcoal – keep this on hand in case anyone comes down with food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, or has ingested any toxins by mistake. It’s a god idea to have the phone number for the closest poison control center tucked in or added to your cell phone.
        • Chamomile – this great relaxer can be made into a tea or even put into the bath for little ones to calm them down. One of the best uses is to take chamomile flowers and grind them into a dressing. Put it on some gauze and let it sit on an eye that has been infected with pink eye. Keep it on the eye for about 15 minutes for a couple of hours and you will see some quick relief.
        • Eucalyptus Oil – the eucalyptus oil can safely and quickly relieve respiratory issues when put into a steamer for the face. You can also create your own type of rubbing compound to relieve coughing and any respiratory problems.


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        • Peppermint Oil – make this oil into a tea to resolve any digestive problems. It can also help with bouts of nausea.
        • Essential Oil – combine this oil with olive oil or coconut oil and rub it on the chest and feet to get passageways from the nasal areas open.


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