How Do French Women Stay Thin Without Diet Or Exercise?

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Several years ago, a book about French women made the best seller list. French Women Don’t Get Fat: The Secret of Eating for Pleasure was written by Mireille Giuliano. Mireille was fine until she came to America while she was an exchange student. By the time she returned to France, she was overweight. At least she was until she visited her doctor and got back on track to the Parisian way.

Mireille learned how different the customs were between the two countries. Even though the way French women viewed eating and exercise were much looser than the ways of American women, the French were still able to enjoy their food and stay slim while doing it. French women left guilt out of the equation and enjoyed their rich foods and engaged in an exercise program that didn’t seem like one.

Many women in America are still enamored with how two different viewpoints – and many times they are complete opposites – work for the females in France while the women in America adhere to strict guidelines that most of the time don’t seem to work for them. What exactly are the secrets that keep French women slim and trim, and happy while doing it? Here are the 10 ways french women are able to stay slim and enjoy doing it.


1. Walk, walk, walk

There is no doubt there are plenty of places to walk to in Paris. So much to see you could spend plenty of time walking everywhere and taking in the fabulous sites before you realize you have been walking for over an hour. French women would rather stroll all over the place than spend an afternoon cooped up in an isolated gym walking on a cold-hearted treadmill. Exercising without even feeling like you are makes it a much more fun and natural way to stay in shape.


2. Eat whatever you want only in smaller quantities

French women do not believe in depriving themselves of anything. With all of the decadent French desserts, the fabulous croissants and breads, and the world-famous wines they have at their fingertips, you won’t find a French woman eating a salad at a gourmet restaurant. They eat in moderation and enjoy cooking for themselves when they are at home. But when it comes time to meet friends at a restaurant that features delicious offerings, the French woman will enjoy herself, but not overindulge.

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3. Water, water everywhere

While the French are always able to grab a glass of classy red or white wine, French women always make sure that they drink plenty of water all the time. It is said they drink water as well as herbal tea for their health and to maintain their beautiful skin. They start the day with hot water and lemon in the morning and keep sipping on mineral water as opposed to tap water or bottled water for the rest of the day.


4. Do healthy rituals only if they feel good

You won’t catch a French woman starving herself to death in order to look good. They do not adhere to the adage “no pain, no gain.” They feel as if there is no point in doing something to make yourself look or feel good if you feel miserable doing it. They feel that “beauty is something to give you pleasure because when you feel good, you look good.”


5. They always prepare ahead

While they operate from the standpoint of everything in moderation, they make sure that they are prepared to enjoy themselves without having to sacrifice anything or suffer for their indulgences. One tip from a French woman that she employs is if she knows she is going to go out in the evening to enjoy some fine wine, she will not eat any fruit or drink any fruit juice throughout the day.


6. They start young

While many American children look at their parents as being old-fashioned, out of touch with what’s cool, and overly strict, French women take all the advice they can from their moms and copy their beauty rituals from as young as they can. They start drinking plenty of water, eat small amounts of food, and make sure to care for their skin.

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7. Fresh is best

The French culture is truly built around seasonal items. It’s much smarter to enjoy the fresh produce as it grows because it will taste the best when it is in season. This ensures them the opportunity of being able to buy everything while it is economical and without any additives because it is fresh from the farm. Their diets are based on all of the fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and fish that are in season and abundant at the time.


8. They take time to socialize rather than take part in social media

You won’t catch them sitting there with their heads down texting someone who is not there when they could be conversing face to face with someone who is live and in person. They love the warmth and joy of a live interaction rather than a cold sometimes hard to decipher text.


9. They don’t snack

This is probably one of the main things that keep them slim and trim. While they do eat whatever they want, they eat enough so that they are not hungry in between meals. They are not big fans of fat-free products so the fact that they do engage in eating healthy fats mean they are not as hungry as Americans who eat everything without fat when they can.


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10. They love their meat

While French women do enjoy their fresh fish selections, they will never turn down a plate of beef Bourgogne. France not only is notorious for wonderful food, many chefs go to France to learn how to cook properly. Julia Child is the person who brought French cooking to American women, and you won’t find any low-calorie menus in her cookbooks. Enjoy what you eat, drink plenty of water, and keep on walking whenever you can.