How To Make It Through The Holidays Without Gaining An Ounce

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9. Don’t be afraid to weigh yourself

If you stop weighing yourself because you are afraid to see if you gained a pound or not, you are just beginning to lose control of your weight. You may be surprised to see that because you have been following a healthy eating plan throughout the week and exercising regularly, you haven’t gained an ounce. If you find that you did gain a pound or two, don’t be discouraged. Deal with it right away so that it doesn’t become five pounds, because in no time you will have gained an extra 10 pounds!


10. Try not to miss your regular exercise program

Even though it is a busy time of the year, you actually need your exercise routine more than ever. It will make you feel more in control of your weight, it will make you physically feel better, and it will help you better deal with stress since the endorphins released when you work out will calm you down.


11. When you go to a party, shift your focus off of food

There’s nothing that will get your mind away from food faster than becoming interested in other people. This is the time to catch up, so find one or two people and see what’s going on in their lives. You may be surprised, you may be amused, and you just may learn something new.

All of these tips are meant to help get you through the party season without doing too much damage to your body. But above all, keep in mind it is the holiday season. This does not mean you have to eat everything in sight.


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Treat yourself without abandoning all your efforts to stay healthy. Most importantly, have fun. Enjoy the colorful decorations. Sing Christmas songs. Give a gift to someone who is not expecting one. ‘Tis the season, so make the most of it!


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