MBG One Yoga Pose to do No Matter How Busy You Are

Some days everything seems to happen at the same time, doesn’t it? You plan for just 30 minutes out of your day for yoga or meditation and then you find you can’t even do that! Listen, everyone has those days (or weeks!) and there really just isn’t time for all the things your planned.

Don’t feel guilty. With just one yoga pose that only takes about 3 or 5 minutes, you can feel grounded and more relaxed.

The Butterfly pose can make you feel as if you did your yoga workout, even on your toughest days. Just 5 minutes will make you feel more energized and refreshed.

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This pose is great to help rid you of imbalances as well as promoting the proper functioning of our urinary and reproductive systems. This will also stretch the lower spine without straining your back or your hamstrings.

The actual name of this pose is called the badhakonasana (pronounced bah-dah-cone-ahs-ana). Read more about other yoga poses and how to choose yours.

It’s more commonly called the butterfly pose because of the way the legs move during this pose, up and down, similar to a butterfly moving its wings. Still others have called this the Cobbler pose because it looks something like a cobbler at work at his bench.


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Use the following steps to do the Butterfly pose safely:

1. Sit on the floor with your legs directly in front of you.

2. Now, bending your knees outward, pull your feet towards your pelvis. The bottoms of your feet should be touching one another.

3. Grab your feet with your hands. You can put your hands underneath your feet for support.

4. Bring your heels as close to your crotch as possible.

5. Begin flapping your legs up and down, similar to a butterfly. Start slowly then gradually increase your speed. Breathe normally throughout this movement.

6. Imagine yourself flying higher and as fast as you can. Then slow down gradually and stop.

7. Take a deep breath and, as you exhale, bend forward at the waist. Keep your chin up and spine straight.

8. Press your elbows on your thighs or knees and push your knees closer to the floor.

9. Feel the stretch in your inner thighs and take long, deep breaths.

10. Bring your torso up and take another deep breath.

11. Exhale and release the posture.

This is a great stretch for your inner thighs, groin, and knees. It will also improve your flexibility in the groin and hip area. This is the perfect pose for those who sit or stand long hours as it will help the intestines and bowels. Find out how to stretch neck and shoulders.

If you have knee injuries, place folded blankets on both sides to help support your knees.