Oral Allergy Syndrome 6 Ways to Avoid an Itchy Tingling Mouth

Allergy - skin prick tests

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4. Try other forms of the same food

For example, if you find you get those allergy symptoms when you eat a fresh apple, you will most likely find that you won’t get any reaction to apple juice or apple sauce. The protein in the food that causes you that annoying itch is easily broken down when cooked or processed. You might also try peeling the offending fruit or vegetable and see if that helps as most of the allergen has a tendency to be concentrated in the skin. Some people also find that eating a canned or frozen version of the same food, such as canned peaches; don’t bring about those allergic responses.


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5. Realize that some hay fever sufferers are not affected

For some people, they find that certain foods bother them year round. Others find that they can eat those foods at other times of the year when their allergies aren’t bothering them with no problem. However, even though OAS is fairly common, for some as of yet unknown reason, some people who have allergies simply aren’t affected by food they eat. That doesn’t mean that there is something “wrong “with you, it just means some people are..well, they are just lucky it appears.


6. See an allergist

Because OAS can occur in children as young as 3, you should see an allergist the first time this happens to you, or your child, to be certain that what you have is OAS. There are specific tests that can tell you if it’s OAS, or some other type of food allergy. If your symptoms are severe enough, an allergist can give you a prescription for a very portable shot of epinephrine called an Epipen.

There are other methods which have worked for some people, but you should always discuss these remedies with your doctor before using them.




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