Priceless Tips For Avoiding Food Poisoning

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2. Wash your hands

This should step number one for reducing the spread of disease in all cases. If your hands are clean, you will not contaminate the food you are handling with dirt, germs, or anything else. Pretty simple, no? Common sense.


3. Don’t wash meat in the sink

Many people mistakenly believe that they should wash a roast or a turkey in the sink before cooking it. This is a bad idea because the water will simply splash germs all over the sink and the countertops, drastically increasingly the likelihood that others can unwittingly come into contact with bacteria and become ill.


4. Use separate cutting boards

This is a very common source of food poisoning: People chop raw meat on a cutting board and then using the same board to cut vegetables or some other items. Bacteria from the meat get onto the vegetables, which are then tossed into salads … and you can see where things go from there. Use a separate cutting board or plate for meat and other items. It’s a very easy way to avoid this problem.


5. Cook food properly

This is another no-brainer, but it’s so often overlooked. This is most important with meat and poultry. Cook meat thoroughly, and make sure it’s done all the way through to ensure the least risk of contamination. Follow the recipe and don’t “wing it” when it comes to preparing meat. It’s just not worth the risk.

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