Raw Food VS Cooked: Which Is The Healthiest?

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Which ones are better when cooked?

There are some obvious ones here— eating raw meat is risky, and only a chef who knows what they are doing should prepare such dishes. Other foods like potatoes simply can’t be digested when eaten raw.

But there are other vegetables like carrots, pumpkins and asparagus which can be eaten raw, but can be even healthier when cooked. When heated up, it is easier for our bodies to absorb and make use of the nutrients like beta-carotene and the various types of antioxidants found within them. Similarly, slow-cooking tomatoes can weaken the cell walls enough that the nutrients, like lycopene, are easier to breakdown and absorb.


Practical tips

Try to buy local produce whenever possible. It’s fresher, and the shorter transit times will ensure that the nutrients they contain remain as potent as possible. Consider adding olive oil to your veggies, as this will help you absorb fat-soluble vitamins better. Finally, cooking methods that don’t use much water (such as roasting) are often a better fit for vegetables, since the water-soluble vitamins will not be dissipated, as is the case with boiling.





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