Top Signs You Need To Do A Liver Detox (And Best Detox Foods List Included!)

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There are a great many ways to give our liver the necessary support and protection that it needs, right from Mother Nature.

Your body is intended to clear itself of toxins on a daily basis. When you eat whole foods that support your liver, rather than consume junk foods, fast foods, and processed foods, then you give your body the nutrients it needs to detox itself naturally.

Your detoxification system ultimately works or does not work due to your daily habits and what you choose to eat or not to eat every day. Although you can do detox programs, even programs that will detox your liver, why do that when you can support your natural detox system, your liver, every day simply by eating the right foods to begin with?

Keep reading for some of the best detox foods you can eat every day and help your liver do the job it was intended to do: remove toxic chemicals and heavy metals from your body.


1.  Non-Inflammatory Proteins

It’s true that the body needs a certain level of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, to support all functions in the body, including liver detox. You can eat lots of animal protein, but this type of protein tends to cause inflammation in the body and it is very difficult for the body to digest. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t eat meat, but rather that you should consume it only in moderation and  balance animal protein with a great deal of non-inflammatory proteins such as eggs, fish, shellfish, beans, peas, bone broth, and legumes.


2. Beets

There is perhaps nothing more healing to the liver than beets. Fresh beets and beet juice can thin bile, which helps the body detox itself more efficiently. A common problem in the body is stagnant or sluggish flow of bile. When the liver neutralizes toxins, it puts them in the bile stream to be removed from the body. When the bile stream is slow, toxic materials cannot be expelled, which often leads to low energy, constipation, and fatigue. Eat beets on a regular basis to help strengthen this natural detoxification process naturally. Always be certain that the beets you are consuming are organic beets and not GM beets.

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