Something You Use Every Day Can Alert You To Disease (You Won’t Believe What It Is!)

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Photo credit: bigstock

What would you say if we told you that your toothbrush could give you advance of the onset of certain diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s?

This might sound like something out of a Star Trek movie, but it’s here, today! Well, almost here. One company, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, is about to release a toothbrush embedded with tiny microchips called nanopore sequencers, which analyze DNA strands as they pass through a hole thinner than a human hair. The DNA is then decoded in a digital reading and compared to genetic markers known to indicate disease. The results are sent to a cloud platform so that you can read the results almost instantly, instead of waiting weeks or months.

This company already makes a handheld nanopore sequencer that easily fits into a pocket or purse, and they will soon release their toothbrush version. They believe that this device will soon be a “guardian” of health, especially for those who know that they have certain genetic predispositions.


What exactly is a genetic predisposition?

Glad you asked!  This means that you might have an increased risk of developing a certain disease based on your genetic makeup, which is generally something you inherit from your parents. In very much the same way you inherited your blue eyes, for example, or your height, you can receive certain genetic markers that put you at a much greater risk of developing certain diseases. These dispositions do not necessarily cause disease; they simply indicate that you are at a greater risk. Scientists still do not completely understand why two siblings can both have the same predisposition to a certain disease, and one will go on to develop it but the other will not.

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Researchers believe the reason for this is that lifestyle and diet play  huge parts in whether or not a person will actually be affected by their genetic predisposition.

This new technology is being viewed by scientists as a watershed moment and could lead to a revolution when it comes to health care.  The sequencers are becoming smaller and can be embedded into any product or device that comes into contact with the human body.  These nanopore sequencers are already being used to test for Ebola in West Africa. They could eventually be used to check animals on farms for disease and remove them from the food line.

When you were in high school, you most likely learned the meaning of homeostasis. However, if you have forgotten what this means, it’s basically the ability of the body to seek and maintain its natural balance, even when faced with outside changes. For example, no matter the temperature of the room, your body can keep its normal temperature of 98.6. That is homeostasis. You might also think of homeostasis as natural good health and absence of disease. Your body is constantly working to maintain a state of homeostasis.


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Why do we bring this up? Because when you have reached a state of homeostasis through a proper diet and good lifestyle choices, you won’t need this type of new technology to tell you whether or not  your body is healthy. You won’t need this toothbrush to tell you whether or not you are going to be the sibling that develops their genetic predisposition for a certain disease. You will know that your diet and lifestyle supports the healthy homeostasis condition of your body.

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In order to perpetuate homeostasis, do more of the following:

  • Sleep seven to eight hours every night.
  • Reduce and manage stress levels.
  • Avoid sugar, especially high fructose corn syrup, like the plague.
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise five days a week.
  • Drink plenty of pure, fluoride-free water every day.
  • Eat organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats such as coconut oil, avocados, and nuts.
  • Use sea salt or Himalayan salt.
  • Avoid processed foods, junk foods, and fast food.
  • Keep your hormones balanced by avoiding hormone disrupting chemicals such as triclosan.
  • Maintain close friend and family relationships.
  • Laugh as much as possible.
  • Use healthy spices and herbs.
  • Enjoy herbal teas.
  • Stay positive and avoid negative, caustic people.
  • Enjoy 30 minutes of sunshine every day.
  • Limit your exposure to EMFs by limiting computer, cell phone, and tablet time.
  • Avoid pharmaceutical drugs if possible.
  • Use homeopathic or natural healing measures.

Although this new nanopore sequencing toothbrush is exciting, it will do zip when it comes to improving your health. That part is entirely up to you.



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