The 10 Truths Everyone Should Remember But We Rarely Do

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Sometimes, no matter how often we hear something, no matter who says it, or how it is said, it often goes in one ear and out the other. Until something happens to us, and we suddenly hear those words in our heads it is as if we were hearing them for the first time.

We are going to tell you, again, about a list of life’s little lessons that you have probably been hearing all your life, but for whatever reason, you haven’t really let these sink in yet.

Perhaps this time around, you will really be ready to take these to heart.


1. Life is Short

When we are young, life seems eternal. Old age happens to other people. Somewhere inside us, we know we will die, but it doesn’t become real until someone close to us or someone our own age dies. It’s like walking down a sidewalk and forgetting that the sidewalk does END so you stumble off into the street and wonder, what the heck happened?

Life really IS short. You don’t have to be afraid of death, it comes to everyone, and you can’t avoid it but never stop living because you were afraid of dying. Death is certainly not the biggest loss in life. The tragedy in life are those people who never really live because they are afraid of dying. It’s OK to be frightened. Be brave. Acknowledge that fear, then do it anyway.

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  1. reginaldon

    Jun 6, 2016 at 7:16 am

    I’m ready to meet my Lord and Saviour, whenever He calls

  2. reginaldon

    Jun 6, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Regarding forgiveness – it’s all in the Lord’s prayer.