The 10 Truths Everyone Should Remember But We Rarely Do

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Sometimes, no matter how often we hear something, no matter who says it, or how it is said, it often goes in one ear and out the other. Until something happens to us, and we suddenly hear those words in our heads it is as if we were hearing them for the first time.

We are going to tell you, again, about a list of life’s little lessons that you have probably been hearing all your life, but for whatever reason, you haven’t really let these sink in yet.

Perhaps this time around, you will really be ready to take these to heart.


1. Life is Short

When we are young, life seems eternal. Old age happens to other people. Somewhere inside us, we know we will die, but it doesn’t become real until someone close to us or someone our own age dies. It’s like walking down a sidewalk and forgetting that the sidewalk does END so you stumble off into the street and wonder, what the heck happened?

Life really IS short. You don’t have to be afraid of death, it comes to everyone, and you can’t avoid it but never stop living because you were afraid of dying. Death is certainly not the biggest loss in life. The tragedy in life are those people who never really live because they are afraid of dying. It’s OK to be frightened. Be brave. Acknowledge that fear, then do it anyway.

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2. Busy is Not the Same as Productive

You could polish a counter endless, rubbing it over and over with a towel and a cleaning product. You could easily forget everything else that day except to go over that counter again and again. You would certainly be busy, but would you be productive? Of course not.

Being busy is NOT a virtue. It is not something to emulate and it is not something to respect. Almost no one has a legitimate need to be constantly busy. If you are, you either do not know how to say NO, do not prioritize your time properly, or you aren’t living within your means. Live more, be more productive, and be less busy.


3. The Only Life You Are Living Is Yours

No matter what someone tells you, no matter how hard someone might push you, the truth is that your life, and the decisions you make, is yours alone. No one can live your life for you, therefore, do not let others tell you what is “right” for you. If it feels wrong, it’s not the right choice for you. If you are afraid, that is another story. Most people are afraid of doing something different, doing something they feel passionate about. Keep in mind that Walt Disney tried to be a newsman before he decided to draw cartoons instead.

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4. Failure Before Success

Speaking of Walt Disney, he was actually fired from his newspaper job because his boss felt that he lacked imagination! Most mistakes are unavoidable and the truth is that failure often comes before success. If you are terrified to do anything for fear of failure, you have already failed. Just because something isn’t happening quickly or right now, does not mean it won’t ever happen. Keep at it.


5. Thinking and Doing are NOT the Same

Who do you know who has ever become successful simply by thinking about something? Exactly. You need to think first, yes, but then you MUST act if you want anything to happen. This includes saving money, getting married, feeling happy, or looking for a better job. You can wish, you can think about it, you can write about it, but nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to happen until you get off your butt and DO something about it.

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6. Things You Own are NOT Who You Are

Stuff is exactly that: Stuff. Stuff, no matter how cool or expensive, does not make you a better person. It won’t make your smarter, it won’t make you happy (not for very long anyway), and it won’t get you friends. No one will love you because you own the latest iPhone or a Mercedes Benz. It might get you attention, but it won’t get you the things that matter. Stuff won’t get you a promotion, it won’t win you a Pulitzer Prize. Keep in mind that those magazines and ads on the internet and television are there for one purpose. They want to sell you something and they will say anything to try and convince you of anything, to get you to do exactly that. You don’t need to impress anyone with stuff. Anyone with money can buy stuff. But not everyone can do something, be something exceptional. Go for that, not the stuff.


7. Some People Are Just Not Right for You

Keep in mind that you will only be as great as the people around you. It might be hard, but it truly is in your own best interest to let go of people who are not good for you. People who make you feel uncomfortable or stupid when you are around them are not good for you. If someone isn’t making you feel good, if they aren’t making you LOL, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are “bad” people, it just means that they are bad for you.

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8. You Need to Love YOU

Believe it or not, it is not anyone else’s job to love you except for you. You should be nice to others, yes, but why not be nice to the person who is closest to you? (That would be YOU) You should always know your value, even if other’s don’t see it. This means you should definitely let someone love you just the way you are. That someone is YOU.


9. You Can Forgive People Anytime

If you are waiting for an apology from someone in your life in order to give them your forgiveness, you should realize that hell might freeze over first! Life will be much easier for you when you just give out forgiveness, even if you never get that apology. No matter what happened, no matter how much you ARE owed that apology, consider it a lesson and be grateful for it. Forgive that person, even if they don’t deserve it. Step back, tell them “thanks for the lesson”, and move on with your life. Don’t burden yourself by holding on to resentment.


10. The Only Thing That Never Changes is That Everything Changes

Everything changes all the time. That is the only thing you can really count on in life, change. What you have today can be taken away tomorrow. People you love today can be out of your life next week. Life is always moving, always changing. No matter how hard you fight it, no matter how much you like the way things are right now, they will change. And you can’t stop it. But you can embrace it. Because no matter how good something is, or how bad something is, even if you cannot see an end to it, we guarantee you, it will end or change. Happiness never comes to people who did not appreciate what they had.


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Are there other important life lessons you feel should be on this list?



  1. reginaldon

    Jun 6, 2016 at 7:16 am

    I’m ready to meet my Lord and Saviour, whenever He calls

  2. reginaldon

    Jun 6, 2016 at 7:23 am

    Regarding forgiveness – it’s all in the Lord’s prayer.