The All-Natural Super Oil You’ve Never Heard Of

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Everyone knows that citrus fruits are beneficial for our health. Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and more are very rich in vitamin C, an essential vitamin required for maintaining a strong immune system. But one fruit of the citrus family that rarely gets the attention it deserves is the humble lime.

You see, limes can do a whole lot more than just add flavor to gin and tonics. The fruit offers a sizable amount of nutrient goodness, and the oil derived from it has a wide variety of beneficial applications. In this article, you’ll learn why lime oil is the best essential oil you’ve never heard of.


Limes: A Brief Introduction

Limes have been consumed for thousands of years and have long been prized for their ability to ward off disease. During the Age of Exploration, scurvy—a fatal disease caused by severe vitamin C deficiency—plagued maritime explorers and merchants as they sailed their way around the globe. It took many years for sailors to make the connection that fruit consumption—and citrus fruit consumption in particular—could prevent the onset of scurvy during long months at sea with nothing to eat but hardtack.

Eventually, ships began to stock fruit and fruit juices on board to prevent the disease. In the British Navy, sailors were given rations of lime and lemon juice each day to ward off scurvy and keep the immune system healthy. This led to seamen being given the nickname “limeys.”

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