The Best Foods To Prevent Cardiovascular Problems

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2. Choresterol

  • Red wine. Recent tests have shown that consuming the red grapes that are used to make Roja wine can reduce your bad cholesterol levels by 9% in people with no issues with their cholesterol. There was a12% reduction in those who already suffered from high cholesterol.
  • Oats. Not only can switching your breakfast over to oatmeal reduce your LDL or bad cholesterol by 5.3%, it can accomplish this in just 6 weeks. Oats contain beta-glucan which draws the LDL to it and then your body is able to eliminate it through your bowel movements. Enjoy a warm bowl of oatmeal topped with some low-fat milk, fresh raspberries, and a touch of brown sugar or honey.
  • Fatty fish. The same fish that can lower your blood pressure with their bounty of omega-3 fats, salmon, herring, and even sardines, can also lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol by up to 4%.
  • Tea. There are benefits from drinking just about any kind of tea. Green tea is known as a vital antioxidant and is able to lower LDL levels. In just 3 weeks drinking black tea was found to drop lipids by around 10%, reducing the chances of suffering from heart disease.
  • Nuts. One serving of nuts is equal to 1.5 ounces or a shot glass full. Walnuts are among the best nuts to ward off heart problems. When people in a study consumed a serving of whole walnuts every day for a month, their cholesterol dropped by 5.4% with their LDL numbers down by 9.3%. If you’re not fond of walnuts, cashews and almonds can give you the same results.
  • Garlic. The benefits of garlic have long been recognized. The problem is being able to consume 4 cloves of garlic each day. You may want to try a supplement if you aren’t able to take this food in on a fresh basis daily but the rewards are hard to ignore. Garlic is able to lower blood pressure, reduce the chances of blood clots, and it blocks the cholesterol particles that stick to the artery walls creating plaque in the initial stages.


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  • Spinach. The benefits of spinach are plenty but now you can add its effects on warding off heart attacks. A half cup of baby spinach helps artery walls eliminate the chances of products that can clog them and raise cholesterol levels.


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