The Little Known Link Between Cancer and GMO Foods

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Believe it or not, for those of us living in America, about 70 percent, more or less, of the processed foods that are eaten on a daily basis, contain GM (genetically modified) ingredients. Who should care? Everyone who eats! There are a few studies that show a very strong connection between cancer and GM foods.

Although those in favor of GM foods will tell you that these new foods are safe, these types of statements are backed up with next to no evidence. GM manufacturers will tell you that their GM foods are the equivalent to conventional foods and should be regarded as safe conventional foods (read more 5 myths GMO companies want you to believe) . However, at the same time, there are numerous studies that show that GM foods have terrible effects on human health are often denounced before they even released or hijacked before their completion. You might be a bit shocked by what you are about to read about these genetically modified foods.

The process GM foods go through results in the disruption of genes while they are being created. In simpler terms, while an ear of GM corn might look like a normal piece of corn, as far as nutritional value and substance might vary greatly from its unaltered cousin because the same genes that give corn its very nature have been changed.

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It’s true. The few studies that have been done on the GM foods that are currently found in your supermarket were found to have much lower nutritional value than their conventional cousins. This means that eating GM foods on a long term, daily basis could give you a deficiency of some nutrients, even when you think you are eating healthy produce, and nutritional deficiencies have long since been known to be a contributing factor in the growth of cancer.

GM soybeans have a gene that is placed inside this food to make it herbicide tolerate. In the only human involved study known, this gene transferred out of the soybeans and into the intestinal tract of the human subjects. For these subjects, this means that even when the study was done, their guts will continue to make this herbicide tolerant protein in the bacteria of their gut. You can only imagine what happens when, for example, GM corn, which has a gene inserted that produces pesticides is eaten. Your gut bacteria are constantly reproducing this pesticide, even if you only ate conventional produce forever afterwards. This pesticide, embedded within the genes of the corn itself, kills every insect that bites it. How can anyone not imagine that this corn, constantly creating this pesticide inside your body, is not going to give you cancer or other degenerative diseases over time?

The first ever published study on the long term effects of the consummation of GM foods, researchers from the University of Caen discovered that rats developed huge tumors and died prematurely, after eating GM corn, along with trace levels of a chemical fertilizer (RoundUp), which is heavily used with GM crops.

The rats in this study suffered severe organ damage that included liver damage, kidney damage, and huge mammary tumors. This study used NK603, a type of GMO corn from Monsanto that is grown all across America and fed to both animals and humans. Yes, this is the same corn you are eating in corn chips, tortillas, and the ones your kids are eating in their morning cereal.

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How did GMO corn, and other foods, get approval from the FDA and the USDA before any long term studies were done? That, my friends, is the power behind corporate lobbying and greed.

This study caused the vice chairman of the European Parliaments commission for agriculture, and a strong opponent of GMO foods, asked for an immediate suspension of all crops grown in the European Union and to stop the import of GM crops. The consumption of GMO corn and the herbicide, RoundUp, has serious impacts on human health.

GM crops are made to tolerate large quantities of herbicides in order to increase crop yields. One study that involved 8,000 university based field trials showed that farms that grow GM soybeans (called RoundUp Ready Soybeans) use as much as 5 times more herbicides than farms that use more conventional weed control methods.

Even if you were to discount the possibility that GM foods could cause cancer through their genes, there is no doubt that the farming chemicals used to grow these GM crops are enough to poison people. After spraying crops, farmers and farm workers are not allowed to reenter fields for at least 5 days, they are that poisonous. Why would anyone assume, then, that you could eat these same foods, which have this pesticide built into the foods very genes, and not think that it would cause cancer?

Stay away from GM foods as much as possible to avoid becoming a cancer statistic.


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