These 10 Ayurvedic Tips Will Keep You Healthy!

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2. Eat and drink in moderation

Besides eating too much food, we tend to follow it with too much to drink. The ideal way to proceed going forth is to eat until you are not hungry – not until you are full or bursting at the seams. Don’t drink liquids 30 minutes before you eat. You can drink about 250 ml of fluids while eating but nothing else for another 90 minutes after you eat. It will help your body digest your foods more easily and cut down on any digestive problems.


3. Eat every 4 to 5 hours

You should stretch out the times that you eat and eliminate any snacking. When you give your body enough time to digest each meal you are allowing your body to operate at its optimum level.


4. Stay away from cold beverages

Even though sipping on a frosty beverage during the hot days of summer is refreshing, switching yourself over to drinks that are room temperature is much better for you. Whenever you drink cold drinks it could cause you problems with your digestion. Cold beverages are able to take fats in your body and solidify them which will make them harder to digest.

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