These 10 Ayurvedic Tips Will Keep You Healthy!

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5. Exercise regularly

You don’t have to join a gym to make this a tip to prolonging your longevity. Everything you do, any type of action, will keep your body moving and make you feel better mentally and physically. You will get a better night sleep and keep your body limber.


6. Scrape your tongue

This simple practice can help to rid your body of any bacteria you may not be aware of. It will help your taste buds and even eliminate your cravings for salt and sugar. You can pick up a tongue scraper at a drug store. Add this to your morning routine before you drink your warm water.


7. Practice oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient practice that was meant to whiten the teeth but it can also give you fresh breath. The procedure calls for you to add coconut or sesame oil to your mouth, swish it around, pulling it between your teeth for around 20 minutes. Then you spit it out and brush your teeth. This should help with your teeth and gums as well as a number of other problems such as allergies arthritis, and insomnia.

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