This Is Why You Need To Try Hibiscus Juice Or Tea

Hibiscus Tea

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As time goes on, it seems the market is ever ready to present us with new superfoods and drinks loaded with a range of health benefits. Hibiscus is most certainly one of them. The hibiscus plant, known scientifically as Hibiscus sabdariffa, has flowers in all beautiful shades of the rainbow and is native to sub-tropical and tropical regions around the world. The juice or tea is made by taking the flower and other parts of the plant and boiling them down to produce a ruby red liquid. Slightly sour in taste, it has been likened to cranberry juice and can be consumed hot or cold at the consumer’s preference. Read on to find out more about the amazing range of health benefits this humble plant has to offer.


1. Anti-inflammatory properties

Hibiscus tea is packed full of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, which boosts and ensures the proper functioning of a healthy immune system making hibiscus tea a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. It’s therefore an excellent choice of tea for the colder winter months to help the body adequately defend itself against the bacteria and viruses which tend to circulate at this time of the year.


2. Helps with hypertension

Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure, a condition which can wreak havoc in your body. There are many natural tools and methods to bring your blood pressure back down to a normal, healthy level, and hibiscus tea or juice is one of them. Studies have shown that drinking 2 – 3 cups a day every day for a few weeks can lower the blood pressure even in healthy individuals.

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3. Lowers cholesterol levels

Cholesterol levels can creep up without you even knowing, and many of the American population is battling cholesterol-related health problems which can have serious implications. Hibiscus tea is an important adversary in the fight against cholesterol as its high antioxidant content reduces the LDL cholesterol in the body, i.e. the bad type! It also has a range of benefits directly for the cardiovascular system so it can also be used to treat the actual symptoms of having high blood pressure.


4. Regulates blood sugar

Another major health issue in the world today is type II diabetes with many of us consuming far too much sugar in our diets resulting in spikes and drops in blood sugar which can be fatal to our health. Hibiscus has been shown to successfully lower blood glucose levels and so may be helpful for diabetes sufferers as well as those looking to lower and regulate the sugar levels in their body.


5. Weight loss aid

Just when you thought this plant couldn’t do any more, it can even help fight the weight loss battle for you! Yep, this is all thanks to its ability to lower the absorption of starch and glucose from your food, which is basically the parts which make you gain unwanted weight. This is thanks to the fact that it inhibits amylase production, an enzyme which causes the absorption. Not only that, but the tea is even an appetite inhibitor meaning you’ll feel fuller for longer if you stick to drinking a few cups a day. In short, when combined with a proper weight management plan hibiscus tea can sure be a blessing!

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6. Aids digestion

Hibiscus tea has diuretic properties which in basic terms means that when consumed it increases urination and, (this is the key part here), bowel movements. In doing this, it flushes out your system promoting proper digestive health and is an excellent treatment for constipation and irritable bowel syndrome thanks to its anti-spasmodic effects.


7. Fights depression

Those who experience mood swings and depression know that the symptoms can be intolerable. Well hibiscus offers a natural solution to low moods and has been used for centuries as a treatment for anxiety and other mental health problems. This is thanks to content rich in vitamins and minerals which calms the nervous system in turn improving an individual’s mood.


8. Eases menstrual pain

Ladies around the world are on the lookout for natural solutions to the dreaded PMS cramps which can be very painful indeed. A nice, warm hibiscus tea is not only comforting at that time of the month but even eases the pain of the cramps! Yes, you read right. It’s because hibiscus can balance your hormones which also means it can help with other PMS symptoms such as increased appetite and mood swings. A true godsend!


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So, there you have a round-up of the top benefits of hibiscus tea (or juice, depending on how you prefer to drink it) and it is evident that this one plant has a health benefit for pretty much every single one of us. Incorporate it into your daily routine to hugely complement a healthy lifestyle and you most certainly won’t regret it.