This One Spice Will Turn Your Bath Into A Super Detox Experience

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As you probably already know, ginger has been used as both a spice and as medicine for thousands of years. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agents that make it one of the best detoxifying spices on the planet.

If you have ever done a detox, such as the lemon three-day detox, you know that this detox plain includes lots of lemon water with ginger. This spice gets its detoxifying power from compounds such as gingerol and shoga.

Adding ginger to a powerful mineral base, such as Epsom salt (which isn’t really salt, but magnesium flakes) can not only have a super detoxifying effect, but it can also pull heavy metals from the body while allowing you pores to drink in some much needed magnesium and sulfates into your cells. This super detoxifying and warming soak is easier to make than you might think. Want to know more? Keep reading and find out how you can use ginger and detox in the privacy and comfort of your own bathtub tonight!


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