10 Best Teas for Detox and Cleansing

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

2. Burdock Tea

This is not as well-known as other teas or herbs but it has powerful detoxifying benefits. This herb has been used for hundreds of year for blood purification purposes. This root is a powerful diuretic so it helps the body purge toxins through the urine.

This herb contains a compound called polyacetylene, an organic compound that has high electrical conductivity, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. This compound not only cleans the blood, but has been used by herbalists to treat acne and abscesses as it increases circulation to the skin and helps detoxify the epidermal tissues of the body.

Burdock root strengthens the body’s immune system while it purifies the blood. It also improves liver function and the digestion process, which helps your body become more efficient at ridding itself of toxins each day. Just one cup of burdock tea every day will keep you cleansed and feeling better than ever.

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