Top 10 Lies That Are Keeping Us All Fat And Sick

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2. Drinking Green Tea Will Help You Lose Weight

Well, this one is true; however, there is one big catch that most people don’t know. When we talk about the health benefits of green tea, we are talking about the green tea you make fresh at home — NOT the green tea that you buy in the supermarket that comes in a “healthy” glass bottle. Have you ever read the labels on some of those products? They are pasteurized, which means that they have been super-heated to kill germs. This does kill germs; however, it also kills a great deal of the health benefits. Almost all of them contain high fructose corn syrup sweetener or aspartame, artificial colors and artificial flavors. Not exactly the healthy drink you had in mind, now is it? Make your own green tea at home for super health benefits as well as a big boost to your metabolism, which can help you to drop pounds naturally.


3. Eating Fat Makes You Fat

Did anyone ever tell you that fat is NOT a four letter word? Although mainstream health experts have demonized “fat” as the source of Americans becoming fat, the truth is that we are fatter than ever before. Studies have compared identical calorie diets, one that was high-fat, low-carb and the other-high sugar, low-fat. The subjects on the high fat diets burned an extra 300 calories each day and lost weight, even though both groups consumed the same amount of calories. Healthy fats, such as the kind in nuts, coconut oil, and avocados, are the preferred fuel for the cells in the body. Trans fats are another issue entirely. Those types of fats, such as the kind found in donuts and French fries, are dangerous to your health and should be avoided at all costs. Eat more of healthy, natural fats such as olive oil, nut butters, coconut oil, avocados, seeds, and nuts to lose weight naturally and give your body energy to burn!

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