Top 10 Tips for Cleaning Your Lymphatic System

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4. Detox sweat sessions

Spend at least 30 minutes per week in a sauna or steam room. Sweating removes toxins through your breathing, sweat, and increased heart rate.


5. Use cleansing herbs

Natural herbs are great at cleansing your lymph system. Drink tea three times per day from any of the following herbs; burdock root, dandelion root, goldenseal, parsley, yellow dock root, nettles, or myrrh as all are great at helping to cleanse and unblock the lymph system.


6. Get exercise every day

Sitting on your butt most of the day only allows your lymph system to become stagnant. When you exercise you are stimulating your lymph system and also promote a healthy immune system. Take brisk, 30 minute walks, 5 or 6 days per week, or use a mini-trampoline to help wake up the lymph system. Simply bouncing up and down on a small trampoline will allow gravity to help move fluids in and out of your lymph system. Find out 7 minutes exercises for every day.


7. Perform a liver cleanse

Most of your lymph fluid comes from your liver, and when your liver is congested or overloaded with too many toxins, it also clogs up the lymph system. There are numerous liver cleansing products for sale at your local health food store, or look online for the many juice cleanses you can do at home.

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