Top 15 Spices You Should Have In Your Kitchen Cabinet

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If you have ever been to a Chinese or Japanese restaurant, you would agree that there abounds an atmosphere in them that is not common to the restaurants found in the west. The display of cultural culinary services is not only what you may notice. You may also observe the nice aroma of the available dishes which come from a hot pan of quick fires oozing out pleasant scents of natural flavor of cooking oil, seasonings, and food ingredients. Realizing the importance of spices is why some of them should always have their places in our kitchens. We truly recommend for you this list of 15 which follows below.


1. Basil leaves.

This spice is rich in vitamins A and K. For preservation, it is good to have it dried so that it can be stored in a container whenever you need to use it. The fresh one can be stored in the refrigerator for future use.


2. Cayenne Pepper.

If you are able to handle its hotness, cayenne pepper is a spice that is rich in capsaicin. According to research, peppers rich in capsaicin improve the process of the metabolism and also burn fats. It is frequently used in Cajun and Indian recipes.


3. Bay leaf.

This is one of the spices you should have in your kitchen. It is an aromatic woodsy-tasting leaf, commonly sold dried. Whole bay leaves can be added to stews and soup to make cooking more appealing. Bay leaves contain many vitamins and anti-oxidants that slows down aging and prevents cancers. The fresh bay leaves are better for medicinal purposes as it can be brewed and drunk. Note that the ‘‘Mountain Laurel’’ or ‘‘Cherry Laurel’’ leaf look like the bay leaf, and they are poisonous to man; so you should be careful not to pick just any leaf that looks like by leaf; better still, buy the dried one.


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4. Chili powder.

This spice is made from the blend of dried chilies, coriander, cumin, and oregano. Mexicans and south westerners use it in their delicious dishes.


5. Cinnamon.

This spice is awesome for our many favorite breakfast foods like yogurt, oatmeal, coffee, smoothies, pancakes and more. It has a reddish brown color with a bittersweet taste flavor, and is just amazing for baking. Cinnamon is definitely one of the spices you should have in your kitchen.


6. Cumin.

Ground cumin is an aromatic mellow spice. It adds sweet smokiness flavor to soup and chilies. Cumin tastes delicious in Indian and Middle Eastern meals. It has been found out by a study that cumin is among the spices that increases resting metabolism.


7. Curry.

This popular Indian blend can be made of up to twenty spices including coriander, turmeric, and cumin. The Madras variety has more hotness. It is definitely common in most kitchens around the world.

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8. Dried Thyme.

It is a fragrant herb that adds wonderful flavor to meat. It is popular in Creole, Mediterranean and Cajun cuisines. Just like curry, it is very common in most kitchens in the world, and definitely one of the spices you should have in your kitchen.


9. Crushed Red Pepper.

Very similar to chili. Even though it is ordinary and very normal in some cuisines because it is eaten almost every day, yet it may be alien in some western cultures as they are not friends with hot spice. It is good to have it in your kitchen. It can be sprinkled on pastas, stews, meats, or fish to add more taste and edibility to foods.


10. Paprika.

This is one of the spices you should have in your kitchen because of its varieties. It is made from ground sweet red pepper pods. You can get them in sweet and hot varieties. It is most likely sweet if the type is not indicated on the bottle, with fine texture and a color rich in red. You can use paprika to season meat, seafood, and vegetables, or to garnish deviled eggs. It is good to note that the ‘‘Hungarian Paprika’’ has the highest quality.


11. Garlic.

This spice has high medicinal properties, as it has been known to help the body fight off the common cold. It also prevents the buildup of plaque in the arteries, and as well as fight off pathogens that are resistant to antibiotics in the body. The fresh ginger clove has more vitamins and minerals than its powdered one.


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12. Mint.

This spice relaxes the muscles of the stomach and the digestive tract as well as easing the passing of gas and aiding speedy digestion. It is perfect for light soup and tea making.


13. Ground Ginger.

This is a popular cooking ingredient which is one of the spices you should have in your kitchen. It is common in Asian and Indian cuisines, available and used in fresh and dried form. Ground ginger has been used for thousands of years for its medicinal purposes.  It reduces nausea, pain, and inflammation. It is also being used in sweets and confectioneries.


14. Whole Nutmeg.

This is a warm spice that is used frequently in baking. Its health benefits include relieving pain, strengthening of cognitive function, and soothing indigestion amongst others.


15. Oregano.

This is one of the spices you should have in your kitchen. It belongs to the mint family, and has been used for ages in South American, Mediterranean, and Cajun cooking. Oregano is also known to have antimicrobial properties that helps in fighting some diseases.

The love and goodness of wisely combined spices in foods cannot be overemphasized.  These roles come into play not only in giving sweet aroma, but most importantly in their medicinal properties to prevent or heal some illnesses and diseases in the body.